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It was your New Year's resolution, more than you want to admit. If you start a novel, your goal is to create an inviting introduction to your story. Tonight we're going through the signs that you're ready to start your novel. You may differ, of course, but I know that the beginning of a new novel has a certain number of steps for me. And one of them is to ask yourself how you like the books you read.

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Are you starting your first novel? You' re going to begin here: Commence! Are you afraid to write a new novel? How much does your character cost? Contribute to your history. Download the picture book quick reference guide now! Verify your e-mail to validate your subscriptions and we will send you the picture book list directly. There' been an issue with the transmission of your subscriptions.

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It can be solitary work, so it was great to see how Pauline Dawes expressed that she had never thought that a commitment within the group would evolve so quickly. I was amazed at how much attention and hard work many poeple have put into giving very useful feedback. As Vickie Johnstone put it: "The standards of other people's writings have made me realize that I have to work more hard and try more, and that I have to keep pushing myself forward.

There is nothing more stimulating (or scary) than having your colleagues study his work, but as Jennifer Harvey said, it's a very useful way to get going and test the waters with an notion and see if it has got it.

Use the jump: This is how you (finally) get your novel started

You' re going to compose a novel. It was your New Year's resolutions, more than you want to confess. You may have been dreamt about it for month or years or scribbled about it. You' ve never really begun to type. You' re not sure you' re up for it.

You' re gonna write a novel, but it takes forever? I also have a contribution for you - How to Finish Your Novel (While Life Goes On)). While you' re still with me, here's how you dare to jump and get your novel started: Go to your calender and choose a date to begin to write - it could be today, it could be in three month's time.

A three-month period should be enough to capture your character, story and make sure you have enough write access. And, yes, you are employed - but real-wise, will you soon be less employed? I always put the character first - but in reality you'll probably find concurrently created character and storyline detail.

I' m not a big fans of check lists (personally I don't mind when my character's birthday is or where he went to college, except when it affects the plot). When it comes to developing characters, I suggest Holly Lisle's Create a Character Clinic in /, which has a series of great issues to investigate that take you far beyond the interface's sophistication.

I have found K.M. Weiland's Structuring Your Novel ( / - the e-book is of great value. Innovative design / plottering has never been my strong point, and K.M. is in a much better position to give you advice than I am! However, I will say: It's okay to partially alter your opinion (but take a backward and reschedule the remainder when that happens).

They can definitely begin with a fairly schematic blueprint - some writers find that it is enough to define the main turning points and happenings, others may only have the beginning, the end and a broad conception of what is going on in the center. Yes, the first few words are important, and the first line on a page that is empty can be significant - and frightening.

However, there is a good chance that you will describe your opening a few time ( "I have looked through about sixteen designs for the opening of Lycopolis") and your first try need not even be "perfect". Once your desired date is over, just start. Bring your character to live. Adjust the bikes of your action ever quicker.

If you hesitate in the first few day or week of the letter - if it looks like you have a very long way to go - then remember that you are pursuing your dreams and that you will achieve them gradually, verbatim, if you just keep going.

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