Starting with

Beginning with

You can browse through English words marked with an asterisk and look at the definitions. Significance - "Start with" vs. "Start with". I want all words starting with A to begin with A. Please give me all words starting with A.

If you begin with A, you will get all words starting with A and all words starting with the A. I will give you a list of all words starting with A.

If there is no known order, they mean the same thing, so that it can be used with/from in the following example. Let's begin to reduce our spending, starting with the amount of cash we are spending on groceries.

So, I think they can be used in an interchangeable way if there is no order to what is begun with/by, although in my view it is more accurate. If the order is important, all articles that begin with and after the order are taken into account. OP's first set (#1) can either..... ...but OP's second set (#2) can only mean letter up.

The above example implies that a fictitious "list" already existed, which is ordered in a logical order (probably alphabetically), so that it makes good sense to " read " this it. However, in the last set of surgery it is unlikely that there is a listing at all (and even if there is, then there is no apparent order).

Idiomatic, unless there is a purpose for highlighting the starting point (and the following sequence), we begin with the first point.

Word beginning with the words j|c

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