Starting a new Book

Launch a new book

Occasionally fears, but usually I feel very positive. ""Started reading this book and was right there. All the characters were real and interesting. Sorted by target age, see below for the best books for beginners. Explore ideas about I Love Books.

Fear of launching a new book

Only a few week ago a member of the r/books sub-reddit asked this interesting questions about new textbooks and understanding: "I find it difficult to write new novels or shorts. When I understand the surroundings and the character, I feel good, or if it's a history I already know.

However, I find the first chapter of a brandnew volume in which I know nothing about the history is a war. When I had completed my readings, I realised that I had no proposals, but I strongly identified with this one. As with the real thing, I fight with the kind of posters that don't necessarily anchor me in history - mainly phantasy, sci-fi and comedy.

Large, expansive histories, which demand large quantities of fantastic construction of the earth, are the curse of my literary life, because I cannot place the history anywhere in my skull. Most of the courses in Englishspeaking languages contain books, discussions of topics and symbols, one or two articles about a great idea found in the books, and if one does not grasp the main point of the books, one is punished with a poor mark or the sense that the whole group thinks one is an imbecile.

Of course, this is a gross simplification, but it worries me that when I begin a new volume, I will not interpret it as "everyone else". Several of the other commentators in the Reddit threads try to give tips on how to research the content of the books before you begin to open the first section, reread it, take note, research in fans' groups or help the least: "Uncertainty is the best part of reading"!

Perhaps for some people, these proposals will help, but if I go by my own experience, the joy of literacy is perceived more as a chore than the fun of writing a work. Overall, my fear of the new title diminished when I began working in a libary and again mainly to read for fun, but sometimes it is still difficult for me to branch into new libums, although I have had surprisingly worthwhile experience outside my comfortable area.

So, in reply to the initial Reddit posts, I don't know I have any good proposals for how to alleviate this scare, but I believe you all the same. Do you have any good ideas you would like to give to shy people?

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