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Launch a fantasy novel

Though you write a fantasy novel and everything is available in the first chapter, don't be afraid to use offstage metaphors. Obviously, the beast isn't literally 100 feet tall or the protagonist really has eyes that glow like blue fire on a dark night. Begin at the very beginning. It' a very good place to start. Teashers that point to the rest of the story.

At the beginning.....

I' ve known John Wordsworth for several years and he's not only one of the kindest publishers, but also one of the most talent. John used to run, I think, one of my favorite genres in the UK: Headline Science Fiction & Fantasy'. But if you look at who John autographed - Myke Cole, Jennifer Williams and Richard Ford - they were all (rightly) bombed with 5* book review nominations and are still today eligible for prizes.

Forwarded a few years since John quit Headline and now works as a Literary Agent alongside another UK SFF Legendist, John Berlyne of Zeno Agency. Among her autographed writers are Ben Aaronovitch, Peter V. Brett, Jack Campbell, Myke Cole, Maggie Furey, William Gibson, Simon R. Green, Charlaine Harris, Anne Lyle, Elizabeth Moon, Brandon Sanderson and many, many more.

SENO Agency have an open deadline for Epic Fantasy Novels RIGHT NOW! In order to commemorate the open submissions phase and stimulate future writers, John Wordsworth has graciously consented to put up his editor and agents cap for us here at F-F and tell our readership a little about what he is looking for in the opening sections of an Epic Fantasy Novel.

Further information on Zeno's open entry will be posted to John. The description of the wheather is such a vibrant way to begin your novel. There is nothing more "epic fantasy" than a gentle breezes. Everyday begins with getting up, so why not every novel? They can then have breakfasts, which is one of the main pillars of Epic Fantasy.

Though you write a fantasy novel and everything is available in the first section, don't be frightened to use offstage metaphor. It'?s the awesome war. If I take my wary head off, I should say that there are some really brillant books in which someone wakes up (The Stand), a line about the best served cold, a background story (The Fellowship of the Ring) and so on, so I'm a little quick-witted.

However you open your novel, make sure it's a deliberate choice and you've at least half a half-centre of other options on it. The Zeno Agent is now open for Epic Fantasy entries. For more information and entry instructions, visit The Zeno Agent Ltd is a London-based Frahlingur specializing in science fiction, fantasy and horror.

As general agents and in cooperation with a number of well-known foreign agents, we are representing a large number of them. We have a shortlist of important brands, top-class prizewinners, gifted novice writers and renowned literature bequests. Zeno was established in 2008 and was initially a relationship between Frahlingen John Parker and John Berlyne, a free-lance literature advisor and musician.

Mr. Parker retired from the firm in 2012 and is now exclusively led by Mr. Berlyne. Former journalist John Wordsworth entered the firm as an agency in 2014. He is a member of the Association of Author's Agents and an associate member of SFCA. Former SFF Headline Books Writer, John Wordsworth is currently a Submission Agency for one of the UK's biggest science fiction and fantasy agencies.

He is a Hero of Our Time, The Forever War, The Sirens of Titan, The Road, The Wasp Factory, Ripley's Game et The Poisonwood Bible. It hates semicolonic overload, self-confident literature and poor sexuality.

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