Starting a Book Club

Found a book club

Find out who you invite to your book club. First thing you should do is find out who's coming to your book club. Determine the purpose of your book club. Find out when your book club will take place. Are you thinking of starting your own book club?

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"There are groups of adults, school groups, mother-daughter groups, father-son groups and parent-child groups, to name but a few. "If you are looking for a book club, contact your local book club.

Collections often offer book club venues and many manage their own book debate groups. Are you considering starting your own book club? Find out how to get going, and find advice on how to structure your sessions, create a great forum and find the right book. Between 8 and 16 members are best: enough for one debate when several are missing, but not so many that debates become inconvenient.

This works best for most of our club on a month-to-month basis. Attempt to give your club an identification so that members are responsible and committed. The New London Literary Lions, Red Hat Readers or simply the Lakewood Book Club. By starting the group, you are distributing a number and address distribution lists. Find out more about the book club's principles, e.g. how much book selection you have, how much free space you have for a lead and non-leader based debate and how you can structure the size of the group.

Find out more about the structure of book group reunions. It is important to have someone to lead the group in a manner that benefits all group members. Learn more about the moderation of book group reunions. The majority of book groups have a revolving choice of book. Some towns, colleges, churches, organisations and conventions, however, have used the "one book, one city" as a starting point for book debates.

Ressources are also available from The Library of Congress Center for the Book, American Library Association Public Programs Office, the ALA Library and ALA's Booklist, which contains a number of listings of adults, young people and children's work. Find out more about how to find book tips for your book club. When organising a group, there are many kinds of book club and many things to consider.

Particular attention should be paid to how to choose stocks, how to conduct group dynamic negotiations and how to conduct and facilitates smart discussions. Here are our favourite textbooks and web sites to help you get going. Learn more about your book club resource.

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