Starting a Book Blog

Launching a book blog

A lot of people wonder what book blogs are. Books blog" means to dedicate oneself exclusively to books and books. Blogging books is a wide and huge niche. Those are a few things I'm either glad I did at the beginning, or I wish I had. Is it possible for every blogger to become a successful author?

Starting a book blog

I got my blog out of dullness. I' ve had free and there wasn't much to do (or so I thought) and my girlfriend often spoke about her own adventures blog, and it-soundingly! Then, one of these days, I was complaining that I was getting tired and she proposed that I should set up my own blog.

I' d been reading a blog or two my whole lifetime and I didn't even know what they were for. So, I began searching the web for anything that could help me solve my problems, and so many other issues came up.... What kind of blog should I have? The primary purpose of starting a blog was to acquire some new abilities (which could look good in my resume) and to fill my spare minute with an interesting and useful work.

It would have been hard to imagine the other advantages I would have, because I started to write again, to get in touch with like-minded persons and to publish work in journals. The new book How to Launch a Book Blog: One-stepping guide guides the reader through the entire book blog creation chain, from developing what kind of blog will serve your purposes and the creation of online community content, selecting a web site and searching for the best topic for your blog.

There is also priceless advices on everything from SEO to free textbooks. In addition to that, I also publish a number of book blogger interview, giving insights into how they began, and tips for newcomers. Here's an overview of what's in the book:

Chaptor 1: What kind of book blog? Look at the different types of book blog and determine which one is best for you. Start exploring other booklogs, think of your audiences, select a name for your blog and select a site to host it. Select the topic of your blog, schedule your layout and set up your own SMA.

Begin with the creation of contents, schedule your starting and consider the SEO. Make pages, begin reviewing your book and try to write other types of articles such as an authors survey or a listing page. Helpful hints on various subjects such as free textbooks, blogging, image editing, the online blog route and how to make a living with your book blog.

Here you can get a FREE excerpt from the book. The book can be purchased in softcover or e-book format.

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