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The Starta Accelerator is an accelerating programme of the Starta Capital VC Fund in 2015. Starta Accelerator's missions are to support East Europe's technological businesses by entering the US markets. Designed for East Europe entrepreneurs to match the U.S. culture and businesses, complement and identify product/market fitness, gain tractive power and become part of the U.S. start-up and investment ecosystems, all 21 businesses are in the post-product phase and have tractive power in their home and U.S. markets.

Several of them have already completed further round investments with higher ratings than Starta Accelerator 16/17 LLC nominally valued portfolios. The remainder ($3.5 million) will be spent on at least 50 new early phase launches, which will be speeded up by Starta Accelerator over the next 2 years.

Acquaintance is an SPV in Singapore as an ICO-friendly jurisdictional entity with the sole aim of investing in Starta Accelerator. CROSS COIN has an options to purchase 33% of the "Starta Accelerator 16/17" SPV at the market value of the portfolios. Helping VFs, speed ers and start-ups in raising finance with the help of cryptographic-asset.

AI based solution for on-line shops, which enables a 1:1 personalisation on a 1:1 level. Cuddly toys as a place for children from 3-6 years UBER of the Oceans, a market place for boat charter, OpenSea will help you to find the right shop for your boat or your load within a few mins. The Peerclick is an innovative analysis tool from SAP that uses real-time neuronal networking for affiliates, marketing and self-service advertising to monitor the progression and cost-effectiveness of their on-line advert.

It is a uniquely engineered technology that sits next to you like a face-to-face passenger and explains all the flying operations in near-realtime to enhance the passengers' flying experiences. The marketplace for stringer, videos and medias. Interaktive medium plattform and CRM system, which unifies start-ups, businessmen and investor and is aligned to the East of Europe and...

AutoLevel is an e-commerce loyalty solutions that automates the process of eliminating rejected payment in near-realtime. AI is an on-line website for checking the presentation of brands in the trade. The Palatine is a real-time feed-back and flexible target managment plattform for staff evaluation. This is a portable application that encourages children to use their cell phones for educational rather than entertaining purposes.

KI Wizard that assists in the automation of online and offline content by delivering alert and online statistics on Slack' corporate messaging behavior. The Zubmill is a cloudsystem where anyone of the 200,000 US dental professionals can find a laboratory and place orders. A first to market supply side plattform for marketers to substitute "brand awareness" with "ROI" in their influencers advertising campaign.

The Hyperverse is a "VR parc out-of-the-box" portal that allows you to turn any place into a fully immersed entertaining area. With FriendlyData, companies can make information available by creating a native database user friendly database environment.

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