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Upload your picture, create your scenes and add voiceover and text. StoryPix lets you share your story. You don't know where to start (or end)? She teaches the art of telling powerful and gripping stories in Do Story. If you believe in your story, go ahead.

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You can now turn a photograph into an explanatory movie in just a few mins. Then StoryPix stores it as a movie that can be played back on line or share with others! Take a picture or upload it from your galery to tell your story. Easily insert scene, zooming in on picture items, and adding voice over and text labels to improve your story.

Download your new movie and split it up. The StoryPix is an attractive and visually appealing answer for work, schools and individuality. Quickly and simply turn any picture into a professional-looking explanatory film. StorylinePix can be used to make work, education and living more creative and entertaining, no matter what story you want to tell!

Transform your favorite sights and travels into an adventurous story for the whole globe.

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Enjoy the experience with other authors and let our lecturers inspire you with inspiring events. And the opportunity to connect with other authors! Via the loudspeakers..... You will receive a full reimbursement up to 7 working nights after you purchase your tickets if you are unable to attend the show.

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Y1 Instructor Gillian Washington at the South Parade Primary School, Wakefield, was worried that the good-night tales would become an extinction for her students and their family. A keen supporter of literacy for fun, she knew something important had to be done, so she started the Bring Back Bedtime Stories! initiative. For more information, see Gillian's ad campaigns blogs.

You can also view the video about the Bring Back Bedtime Stories advertising campaignt. School librarian at the Charter School, London, Emily Seed has launched the Generation Read initiative to promote literacy at home for a group of 7th grade schoolchildren. Thrilling events and librarian festivals helped bring whole households together through the use of literature and changed the attitude of their schoolchildren.

View the Generation Read video.

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