Start Writing your Book

Begin writing your book

Over half of the authors who start writing a book never stop. Beginning to develop a character? Writing a book is the feeling of shooting, blinded by love and daring," says Annie Dillard, author of The Writing Life.

Cause you MUST PLANN before you start writing your own or your shop

Newcomers and some seasoned writers may have difficulties writing and finishing their book (or even any writing job). This is because they do not see the writing as a set of different stages that must be performed in a certain order.

Too many would-be writers don't know that the first important part of writing a good book is anchoring your organization - basically your page - in place. When you want to create a book that attracts interest, makes an impression and enhances your clout, you need a robust layout that also allows you to make your book faster and easier to read, because all of your book is already logically and comprehensively illustrated.

Begin by building your book plan - a thorough chapter-by-chapter overview of your book that contains a coherent and reproducible layout with all your section titles and approximate number of words. You can only start the "creative" writing and let your words flow onto the page if it is sturdy and comprehensive.

In order to reach these objectives, we go through four phases in an all-day BookPlan seminar. In this part of the workshops you and your trainer will discover your audience, their key questions and the great promises your book must make. Once this is completed, you will be informed about the working name and subtitle of the book and the book's intent, sound and key messages.

Extracts key content: Then you and your coaches brainstorm quickly from your book's key messages to assemble all kinds of book contents, including: process, strategy and model; tool ing and hints; storytelling, anecdotal evidence and casestudy. Sorting and refining content: You can now check your in-depth contents and group them into comprehensive sections, which are the foundation for the sections of your book.

There are a wide range of creativity tools your trainer uses to make sure your organization is strong and full. The BookPlan Content Intensive is a personal online booklet.

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