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Free, printable mini-book with worksheets for learning to read. Guidebooks/ discussion guides and questions for books beginning with the letter'Y'. DLTK's Make your own book They are very easy to use, with pictures designed to address young kids and plain, repeating words that kids in preschool should be able to study themselves up to first grade after listening to it once or twice. Please use our section letter Y Alphabuddies to complete the minibook. We' ve created a demo movie about the compilation of your mini-book.

Artwork of your own choosing. B&W is a joy for small kids to colour in or for older kids to colour in as a gift for the younger ones. I' m happy to make a colour printed front and back covers. Colour the stencil parts when using the B/W model. enjoy! ensemble your minibook.

When you think of a'real' book for a second, you know that each page is printed on the front and back. We' re gonna flip the pages to make it like a book. For now, don't look at the artwork. Buckle each side along the spotted centerline so that the pictures are on the outside and the empty sides of the sheet of cardboard are on the inside (imagine making a greetings card).

Pile the pages so that the uneven numbers are on top and the pleated sides are rows. If necessary, cut to size with a pair of shears or a shear. PAGE COVER: Wrinkle the wrapper along the dashed line, again with the outlines. OPTIONALLY: You can lamination the front page or printing on cardboard if you want it to look more like a genuine bookback.

COMPILING THE BOOK: Slide the pages in so that you see page 1 when you open the front page - the opened sides of the pages go against the folding part of the front page. Closing the front page, tapping the book to keep everything in line.

Place three or four clips along the edges to keep the book together. Browse through the book once and fold the pages gently to make reading easy for the kids. After you print, exit the Templates pane to revert to this display. If you have problems adjusting the page layout (FILE, PAGE SETUP or FILE, PRINTER SETUP in most browsers), reset the page borders to zero.

Mini-book templates:

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