The START is an investment in the human capital of the homeland security company. Launch definition to start or stop, like on a trip or activity. Find out why START's mission is to accelerate the development of new cancer drugs to improve the quality of life and survival of cancer patients. ionic start installs dependencies for you and sets up your project. ionic start creates a new app from the template.

A series of curated projects will be added to the stands of the START gallery, focusing on young artists and new art scenes.

Launch synonyms, start antonyms

Launched; launched. Something "making trouble" is 1917, US English used. The start ingot was first made in 1937. I' ll tell by the way you start - just like your father all over the car. Before you start reading, let me tell you what I'm going to do. They then await a third worship and then start back home.

I' ve refilled the jerrycan and prepared everything for the start tomorrow mornings. At the 23. we were occupied to make the preparation for the start of our team. Everyone is getting prepared for a start for the leader of tomorrow's bay. Begin this voyage of progression and fairness, and America will go at your side.

Ignoring it would mean raising suspicion of Dozier as soon as his mind becomes clear. It was his decision to set up a food store and a food store that he wanted and did. Isn' t it nice to know you can start anything you want?

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