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Founding Standard Publishing is a parallel to the history of the restoration movement. Colorado Springs, Colorado. Receive information, directions, products, services, phone numbers and reviews about Standard Publishing in Cincinnati, OH.

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HeartShaper Children's Curriculum is developed to help your children explore God through His Word. we-www.youth curriculum assists young people to explore God in their life. Young people must be active and up close to God - in a way that refers to their way of life and their communication. We-Encounter? is bringing the Bible's messages to teenagers and referring religious truth to the surrounding area.

Read the Bible like never before. Explore more of God's Word with a Bible course you can rely on. Trusted by congregational leadership for over 100 years, The Standard Lesson Quarterly provides high-quality, biblically-based instruction built on the ISSL/Uniform Series. Yearly CommentaryThe Standard Lesson Commentary is the 52-week standard for your Sunday classes, your own studies and even preaching prep.

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The Standard Publishing is a publishing house established in 1866. Establishing Standard Publishing is a parallel to the restoration movement's story. Leavitt Guy P., Sharp C. P., Welshimer P. H., Walker W. R. and Butler Burris were all editorials, publishing houses and participants and were all heads of the restoration movement (1790-1825).

He started with a group of doctors, lawyers, teachers, pastors, and James A. Garfield, who later became the 20th US president. This group organised a publishing group, financed it with 20,000 dollars in funding and called the magazine Christian Standard. Ferro Construction built the business premises on Eighth and Cutter Street, the first cement and iron structure to be built just outside Pittsburgh.

This year the enterprise started with the then new colourprint. Also, an etching department known as Sterling Engraving Co. was born. 1955 the enterprise moves to a new, air-conditioned factory in Mount Healthy, a northerly outskirts of Cincinnati. Ultimately, the firm left the print shop and transferred to its present offices just outside Cincinnati.

In 1873, after the American Sunday School Association had founded the International Sunday School Teaching, the first uniform instruction in the Christian standard arose. Since then, the firm has been publishing uniform lessons in various sizes. It was presented in 1954 in an annually hardcover book, the Standard Lesson Commentary.

Earlier publications were Sunday Schule Standard, Boy's Lifestyle and Girlhood Days. The standard course is Bible for adults for Sunday classes, small groups or self-study. The Encounter Sunday schools offer curricula for middle and high schools. Forty Instant Studies offer small groups current Bible research for young people.

Standard Publishing is publishing the HeartShaper Sunday Scholastic syllabus for younger kids from 1 to 12 years; 13 Very Series for small group biblical students from 3 to 12 years; Route 52 a biblical syllabus for kids from 3 to 12 years; CampP - large group events for kids from 5 to 12 years; and Biblical Choices for Christendom K-6 years.

The Young People's Standard was established to promote the Christian Endeavor Youth Church, established in 1888. Six years later Young People's Standard became The Lookout, a week-long adult journal with articles on the application of their beliefs and the Bible studies, which is still out nowadays. In 1911, the first issue of Education for Service appeared, which is used in several updates as text for Sunday Teachers' Courses.

Meanwhile, the magazine Christian Standard, after which the business was named, appeared every quarter from 1866 to September 2012 with a new 64-page issue. Christian Standard launched an application for online publishing on smart phones and tables in 2014. The Wicks Group, a New York-based privately-held investment group, purchased Standard Publishing in July 2006.

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