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Catch the right Staff Writer job with company ratings and salaries. Daily new jobs for Staff Writers. We are looking for a Staff Writer for our new personal finance channel, FREE.

Application for Staff Writer, FREE at VICE U.S.

We are looking for a Staff Writer for our new FREE financing tool. We are looking for a reporter to explain the economic concept, the emotion of managing your cash and the impact of recent developments on your purse in an entertaining, intelligent and open to the VICE public.

Free-of-charge editors are in charge of the creation of original articles. It is a permanent full-time job at the VICE Williamsburg offices. Same employment opportunities: We at VICE pride ourselves on being an equality advocate to ensure that jobs are created and maintained that celebrate integration andiversity. We at VICE know that integration and variety is a great advantage for our people, our audiences and our corporate cultures.

All candidates and staff are treated fairly regardless of ages, alienation or nationality, colour, disability, sexuality, gender, gender identities and language, family and partnering, nationality, maternity, race, worship, religion/belief, belief, sexual preference, detention or condemnation, foster care, loan histories, unemployed persons situation, pay histories, victims of domestic abuse, alienation and nationality, veterans or members of the armed forces, or other characteristics of protection under current legislation.

The VICE requirements are that all VICE staff be properly authorized to work in the U.S. If an employee needs job promotion, VICE will decide at its own option whether such promotion will be granted. Applicants must be able to fulfil the key roles of this post in a satisfactory manner, with or without appropriate precautions.

Above described demands and main features are not an exhausting enumeration, but should describe the general type and scope of the work. If there is a legal transaction, VICE retains the right to change the key features of this item. VICE does not endorse CVs from agencies, unless otherwise stated, and is not liable for any fee or expense associated with such solicitations.

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