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When browsing through the poetry here, please remember that my work is primarily written in spoken-word form. The spoken word is a performance art based on words. It is a broad term for poetry intended for performance. Speoken Word Poetry inspires my students to write freely.

Samples of Slam Poetry & Spoken Word poetry

When leafing through the poetry here, please keep in mind that my work is primarily spoken-word. Speoken Word Poetry is a kind of performative arts that can be dramatically different on the side than on stages. It is important to know that I have lived a good part of my lifetime struggling against heroine and opiates, so I have composed a great deal of poetry about heroine shootings, deprivation, life on the street and so on.

Contemporary poet and spoken-word artist come together at Poetry Slam gatherings to showcase their poetry in a place where contest and comradeship meet. The Poetry Slam is a kind of competing poetry of performances in which performers compete for the heart of randomly chosen jurors and get away with the crowns for the entire days (which usually has nothing to do with money).

To get a little bit more in-depth on poetry slamming, click here for my own opinion on what "spoken word" is and what "poetry slams" are, and you can also check out my diary, where I have a number of essays with suggestions and hints for typing and doing poetry-slamming.

Many of my poems are not composed to run like a song, a ballade or a children's song; they are not made to be heard in the choir with a heart beat. That' slow poetry' - it' s about the skill of the spoken word. If you are an expert slot- poet, a amateur or just someone who loves the arts of poetry and makes you curious, I trust you will find something on my Slam-Poetry website with which you can sympathize.

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