Speed Writing course

Speech Writing Course

Three-week Speed Writing Skills Training Course: Most people need a note-taking system for work or study, but few people have the time or inclination to learn shorthand for a year or two. The speedwriting course answers all these questions and helps you achieve your academic and professional goals. SpeedWriting is the new alternative to shorthand. Three-week Speed Writing Skills Training Course:

Three-day Speed Writing Courses

This is a new way to get to know the BakerWrite? speed-writing system in just six lessons. This will help you to precisely capture the speech, up to a speed of over 40ppm. When you need to take memos or take protocols in a meeting as part of your job, this course helps you to improve your speed and effectiveness and is a state-of-the-art option to conventional signmaking and stenography.

Please fill in the form below for further information and prices and we will contact you as soon as possible. You will also find that learning speed writing is simple to organize, as it is offered on a self-study base, so you can continue learning at your own speed.

You can select from our extensive offer of specialized office and Microsoft Office training programs to help you realize your full professional development fullfilled. So what is this course about? The SpeedWriting course helps you to precisely capture the speech at a speed of up to 40 watts per minute in 3 hands-on self-study sessions.

This course does not require any formality. A lot of companies are supporting and encouraging their staff in their career and consider it a profitable investments to finance necessary schooling. It may be possible to request subsidies to help cover the costs of education. We suggest that you contact a course advisor at your regional center to find out if they are enrolled to provide such programs and to further review your needs.

Talk to a course advisor for full information on the available choices. Speed writing is especially useful in business management. Please click here to get a datasheet! Just fill in your information below to instantly get a copy of the course detail. There are a number of educational packs on different topics and we can provide you with the best blend of courses to suit your needs.

We offer practice-oriented classes that concentrate on a particular topic and can last from a few lessons to several workdays. The degrees are conceived to provide you with a full set of skills tailored to a particular professional development and include a range of key and optional subjects.

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