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Are you looking for the perfect Speculative Fiction Lit Agent to publish your book? Find detailed agent information and find your perfect publishing partner! In search of science fiction and fantasy We send the following newsletter to various SFF websites and blog posts to announce that we are looking for new sci-fi and fantasy-scripts. We have the privilege of representing a number of top talent in sci-fi and phantasy such as John Scalzi, Karen Miller, Sharon Shinn, Gail Z. Martin, Ian Douglas/Bill Keith, Kay Kenyon, Mel Odom and the recently contracted James Cambias, for whom we have just distributed his first novel.

It has also worked with Karen Miller, Mel Odom, Sharon Shinn and Ed Willet to negotiate publishing offers for young adults. As a very proactive and prosperous vendor of translations with offices in all overseas territories, we have a proven track-record of around fifty new licences per year. In addition, we successfully licence movie copyrights, audiobook copyrights, e-book copyrights and publishing copyrights in the UK.

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It' gonna be warmer in 30 mins. than New York City. It' supposed to be a high of 99 in the morning. It'?s formal. I had three encounters with three different writers in three different children's publishers. This new, heated matter is "speculative" cliché.

I' m guessing we don't want to call it sci-fi, future-oriented and definitely notystopian. However, SF. Some writers don't want a big scientific bias or an accent on technologies (as it is a little more tradition in grown-up SF). And so do editors: Authors see many secrets with romance in them.

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I' m very interested in sci-fi and phantasy, which means that I often contribute to these categories. Bottom are all my fictitious contributions, my own spectacular, include critics, editors, agents, invitations to submit contributions, publishers who take contributions directly from writers, and general messages. There are ten great pages that feature critiques of self-published sci-fi and phantasy novels.

From Writers Four incumbent sci-fi publishing houses that accept eBook scripts from creator. One of them, ACE, seems to have altered its policies. The other three are still open for entries. Supersuperheroes, black characters, fantasy countries - what better media for fine art?

They are looking for both artist and writer. Requires no agents. SPECIFIC Fiction MAGAZINS ACCOMPTING SUMS MISSIONS Mega-list of 200 SFF stores that receive contributions for story, poem, art, review and article. It includes the question of whether they are willing to submit and reprint at the same time. Invitations to tender - Speculative Fiction Antologies Eight publishing houses will publish scholarly journals in 2015 and 2016.

They' re looking for sci-fi and fanciful snippets.

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