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The Sophocles Script Software

The Sophocles was a Windows-based script writing software for writing feature films and TV scripts. Writerduet (real-time collaborative screenwriting software) does it for you. pcb-file="mw-headline" id="Features">Funktionen[edit]>> And Sophocles supports industry-standard script format such as set numbers, A/B review pages, review brands, MOREs and CONT'Ds and so on. Sophokles 2007 offers an interfacing for the development and maintenance of a crotch contour in connection with the script. It creates read-only visualisation and analytical charts, which include a wide range of histogrammes and a societal diagram.

Sophocles design interfaces mimic the default PCB used by the film in-dustry. Produce stripes show summarizing information for each sequence; a timetable is created by drawing the stripes into the sequence and pasting separators to indicate the ends of it. More than one manufacturing entity is included, with a different timetable for each entity.

Automatic Day Out of Day generation with optimised drop/hold period. Automatic call lists and pages. It can be produced in either single-line or single-line formats or on strip of hardcopy for use in an original card. Realtime synchronisation with the text editing and budget management software tools. The Sophocles 2007 contains a full-fledged budget planning engine that is part of the text editing and scheduler engine.

User-defined budgets or complete chart of accounts can be stored together with standard costs records in templates for use in more than one project. The creation of single spreadsheets can be outsourced to the head of departments or other specialists. Every manufacturing area has its own independent and printable budgets.

Further characteristics of budget planning are: Automatically generate detailed charts for each type of resources (props, cars, castings, etc.). At Sophocles, we generate a wide range of production-related reporting and reporting tools, which includes call sheet, actors' pages, day-to-day and so on. Pages are created in a similar way by plotting all pages that are to be rotated on a given date for a given part.

Sophocles 2007 betatests should include the design, budget and report generation elements and enhance the programme's storyline plan. Sophocles 2007 should be published in three editions: The Sophocles Basic includes the most important text editing and editing tools. The Sophocles Pro version contained the advanced storyline-builder.

The Sophocles PM module comprised budget, planning and report. It was speculated that Sophocles was bought by a third person on 21 March 2008. 2 ][dead link] At the end of April 2008 the website was closed and Tim Sheehan, the software author, could not be reach.

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