Someone Writing a Book

Somebody who writes a book.

Which someone did not write in the book by, a lower than the favorite. Well, of course, the best question for a writer is one based on his book. You think someone could be a writer if they have no emotions? On the writing process, how to publish, writing questions, writing resources. Someone has to find the cavities.

Who can I find to write a work with?

Well I had this experiance as an aspiring (and still aspiring, and still I am, and still.....) author. I was looking for professional help and it turned out that one of them had an opportunity for me. TL;DR 1: Investigate in relationships with those who type and do not press for anything.

It could be more difficult to write a script together than alone. I' m from Poland, where there are no classes for creativity letters at the university. Those we have are usually provided by young pros to earn a living - there is nothing wrong with it, but Poland is lacking the "culture" of these classes.

But I don't think I've ever heared of a Polish author who would buy such a course and release his own work. It was about 20 years old when I already received some small awards for good novels and good critics and completed my first album. (Good ideas, but I didn't put it down on paper).

In Poland there was ONE business journal that published a few shorts, and it was exclusively SF/Fantasy. I. e. I sent a brief history to a mag, got no answer for over a year and when I won a contest with the same text, they wondered if they wanted to publish it.

Then out of sheer fortune, a very beloved Pole writers author sent me the work. Well, he didn't tell me I was a whiz, he admits this is a very busy work and he admits that he only has 30 pages, but he said I have what it took.

All I need is a good journalist and someone who takes a chance and publishes things for which there is no certified Polish marketing yet. I' m still in the crapper because nothing really happens to my carreer, I found no editors, no publishers (partly because of my insufficiency of faith in myself and because of the shortage of scripts I would be sending out).

"Will you help me write a book?" It' a great sensation when someone is expecting "rough draft" from you. Imperfect because I wrote in a kind and type that wasn't my favorite, but I did make good living (for a Pole writer), learnt a great deal about the editing experience and came into contact with a publishers who will actually publish my own books after the summers this year.

It only worked well because we both had an unambiguous vision of what it would look like together. This was his show, he was much more knowledgeable and in this volume he got the last words in case we couldn't agree. So my suggestion is: Investigate in professional relationships with authors (but don't spend your precious free minutes acting like you're a friend of someone you're not), participate in a project, take on some paperwork and a job, and maybe someone will want to do something with you.

Unless you have authored a work ( "preferably published")**, DO NOT look for someone without previous knowledge with whom you can work. The joint composing of a textbook requires a great deal of confidence and can be a frustration even with the working together principle. All you want can't be put in the script, and neither can the other one.

Fighting for an arrangement can take away the sense that the work is" yours" and that does not help with it. To be patient, I think it requires time. In the last years I got at least some more or less serious quotations from different persons I knew (no professionals) to write a work.

I' ve always replied: first, I' ll release a work. Most of the time I wrote it the day after I finished my volunteering.

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