Someone Writing a Book

Somebody who writes a book.

("The only exception: you pay someone to design and print your work. When you really want to get someone's creativity working, play with them: Have you ever pulled a book off your shelf, opened it and found an old inscription written by the person who gave it to you? Like juggling a freelance writing career & writing a novel. There is nothing that inspires one writer more than to read another's words.

How does it feel to be writing a novel with someone else?

Sara Lotz is a author and scriptwriter, with several detective stories and thrillers. He is a author and journalist, holds a master's diploma in Vampir literature and a Ph. D. in post-religious anthropocalyptic notion. I and Sarah meet on za, which was not only the web magazine about southern Africa but also a place where authors could talk, jest and sympathize with each other.

2009 I ordered a compilation of home away writers I only knew about BooksLive, and Sarah was among them. Late that year, my wife and I went on vacation to Cape Town, and Sarah had a birthday reception at her home when I first saw her in private.

After a few month Sarah came to Johannesburg for a mystery workshop at the University of the Witwatersrand, where I studied for my doctoral thesis. So we had a few beverages this afternoons, talked about our common interest in nightmare fictions and agreed that we should start writing a novel together.

I' d just given up my career as a publisher and lived on web designing and fictional cutting, and only because of this liberty could I agree with the notion. From a script backdrop, Sarah was used to oral brain storming meetings, but I preferred writing down my thoughts rather than telephoning, so we've done most of our plots by e-mail since then.

We believe that the mind of joy and quick power comes through in typing. I try to recall this kind of power and urgency when I am typing alone and try to get it into my design, but it's more difficult to copy if I'm not typing with Sarah. We' re currently working on our fifth joint novel - House Swap - and we're adhering to our proven method.

and it didn't make much impact on our trial. The best lessons are 8am to midday while the kids are at work and Sarah likes to spend the afternoon and the night.

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