Some Famous Books and their Authors

A few famous books and their authors

Thousand glorious suns of Khaled Hosseini. Browse a combined list of important books and their authors. So, here's a list of books and authors and why they're on the news. Find out a little about books and authors. Favourite books by Indian authors:

Twelve famous books and their authors, which you never knew, were censored.

In the course of time, a number of authors have fought their authorities with their works. A few never made it out into the open. However, some excellent books were able to avoid the prohibitions and generate ripples of human wake. As it is Banned Books Weeks this weekend, we have chosen to take a look at a number of books and their authors who have been censored.

We' re fortunate to be able to study the works of these famous authors. Thankfully, this has not been outlawed! And some fervent worshippers actually blamed them for using true magic in the books. It has tried to open up young girls to the idea of parenting through its books, which is of course inacceptable.

Being cowered by adolescent pregnancy, she was one jump ahead and encouraged the parents. So, yes, the nasty face of the censor stood up to her too. It was too horrible a real state of affairs for the Afghan population to be made known. In 2003 he went to Afghanistan and was touched by the misery of the population, especially by the misery of mothers.

However, he was also confronted with censure because the themes were "too sensible and invented" for the general public. And, kid, were they crazy. He' d been writing the books anonymous. There was a bounty on his skull, they just wanted to find him (and would later determine what they would do with him).

Color Purple was a text that investigated the life and sufferings of blacks in such detail that it frightened them. It' s about racialism, psychological and bodily abuses, sexual assault and violent - of course humans couldn't stand it. We are grateful again that it was rescued from the jaws of the censor. That was the story that inspires the Harry Potter brilliance.

It was forbidden by the Nazis. and, of course, the Jews. She was confronted with a censor, a mixture of responses and many books that were an answer. Obviously, folks can't stand it. Just think, you could have been robbed of the pleasure of books that made mankind think about what it was doing.

These books may have altered your way of thinking and created a new order of the underworld. They are frightening, words have the capacity to overthrow the mighty.

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