Software to Write a Book microsoft

Writing software for a book microsoft

It' easy to fall into the trap of looking for the latest and greatest bookwriting software. Concentrate on writing your book with Microsoft Word. For many authors, Microsoft Word is the software of choice. The Microsoft Word file format has become a de facto standard. Just like Microsoft Office, Google Docs is a suite of Office tools.

Best-of-breed bookwriting software for new authors: Word

It' simple to walk into the pit of gleaming new games as a novelist. There are an infinite number of bookwriters who claim to be the best in one thing or another, from Microsoft Word to Scrivener to Vellum - and the lists go on and on. They' re flashing their hot moves on you and promising to be exactly what you need to become the author you want to be.

But, unfortunately, these applications won't make you the author you want to be. Therefore, I want to provide a defence for the use of the Microsoft Word industrial standards. Stop for a while and ask yourself, what does it take to become a great author?

As with the mastery of any ability to become a great author, it requires disciplines, concentration, intent and hour-long practicing. While Scrivener can be a great way to split books and help you organise information, it won't help you put your ass in a seat and knock those words out.

The grammar will not awaken you early before work, so you can stay up early at nights until the script is ready. So if you're not already doing the heavy work to be the kind of author you want to be, it doesn't make any difference what new authoring tools you are investing in.

Every write routine has its own peculiarities. We not only try to be proficient in the art of typing, we also try to be proficient in new technologies. If we are always on the hunt for the new and hope that it will make us the authors we want to be, then we will decelerate our advancement as authors on an exponential basis.

So, what should a new author do? When the failed applications don't resolve your problem, where should you go? Word is the default on which all other applications are based. Word was one of the first applications on the market, which means it sets the pace for the functions that applications must have, and it will do.

While Microsoft Word is undergoing development, the other write programmes are also following. So if you can control Word, you can control everyone else because you know where they come from. If you develop the day-to-day disciplines of typing, you might as well do it in a programme that will help you do something different in the notation.

As soon as you have understood your strength and weakness as a novelist, you can make a choice about which specific technologies you need to have. And, once you have learnt how to be a novelist in Word, you will find it easy to make a leap to something else because its makers had Word in mind in their day.

Once I have finished a volume, the first thing I will do is submit it to the betas people. I wrote it in Word, so anyone can see it. Whereas unusual scripting applications may be a favorite with authors, Word is the default for the pro. And even if a company does not use Word, they have a way to easily generate and view Word-files.

It' of inestimable value to have your work attached to an e-mail and sent to a colleague for a second thought. Allows you to do this easily and without any problems. If you also activate the "Track changes" function, these users can check your work without having to make constant changes to the work.

If they give you the ledger back, you don't have to look through it for changes. I have written and "published" three books, two brief histories and four compositions with other writers using Word. I' ve released a new storyline this weekend with Amazon KDP, Kobo Writing Life and Draft to Digital.

Whilst each of the three distributions has a different goal, all three distributions are accepting a single Microsoft Word based file. If you complete your work and it is distributed work, Word has what you need to do the work. Whilst other authoring applications may have eye-catching functions that make you an unbelievable author until you have established the customs and discipline you need as a author, until you know your strength and weakness, don't be seduced by their sound.

Rather you are learning to be a literate on the industrial norm. These other applications will only speed up what you are doing. When you can use Microsoft Word to post, the other applications will start to get used to it when you're willing to try something new. To find applications to speed up your typing, have a look at our Top 10 Authoring Software (Note: Microsoft Word is #6!).

Are you using Microsoft Word for your work? Concentrate on your typing today, not the media you use to type it. You can open Microsoft Word, or if you want to return to the old-fashioned fundamentals, extract a marker and a piece of hard copy. Then take fifteen moments to tell a tale about a person who is always passionate about the next best thing.

Once you're done, include your letter in the commentaries and don't miss to give your colleagues your input!

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