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Writing assistance software

I' ve just found this startup called WriteWell. In principle, they help people to write better, whether they are writing a blog post or a school essay. For this you need the right tools. Fortunately, there are many ways to write software today that will help you write more efficiently. New authors use more fancy writing tools like Scrivener to organize their ideas and create a storyboard to help them write.

Do you need software to help you write more quickly? I don't know what could go badly.... David Mitchell's opinion

I saw last weeks deterrent illustrated sentence "No advertising is poor advertising". Read about how David Nicholls, the writer of One Day, who in 2010 spiced up some UK holidaymakers by the pool (and spiced those pools with delicious fictional access - it's all right, I'm on top), and then made a hit movie with this skinny ance.

She had that award-winning hairdo in that awful show, the same name as Shakespeare's other. At the Cheltenham Literary Festivals, David Nicholls explained why there was such a long gulf between One Day and his latest novel Us. Specifically, what he did was by downloading a software program named Write or Der that would require you to knock the words out at a certain speed, or it would start cancelling them.

Nonolls described it as "writing with a weapon on my head". Although most authors have opted for a career and when they earn a livelihood feeling priviledged, authoring itself can be a glowing, inaccessible task. A lot of speed and hesitation is needed as part of the trial.

So, after hearing all this, why should I begin using this software now? Perhaps all I write is this flapdash, but it usually lasts all and sundry. Usually it usually lasts a second or two to remind me how to usually spelt, and that's my usual budget, but not today - all this just took me a step.

He was a crackers - I wish I could have remembered. I write at a furious rate as I am being chased by a terrible unseen attacker. As I said at the beginning, the response to the issue I ve been vague about lately (but don't look back to make sure everything in between is destroyed) is, before my head knows that no advertising is poor advertising.

Maybe Write or Der is built on a Fleet Street machine from the Vectorian age - a kind of treadmills typing machine where you had to typ at a certain rate or get entangled in the press.

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