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Write apps to help you write your novel. Reaching through the pages of your novel and touching the hearts of others. Basierend auf Linda Vanderwolds Buch Sentence Aerobics, Your GPS For Clear Business Writing. This is really the greatest software advancement for authors since word processing. I' m writing novels just as I write software with the "snowflake metaphor".


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<p>Authors and film-makers can use screen-writing software and filmmaker software to build a sound screenplay and a powerful storyboard. Saving 20% on all software for a restricted period of your order if you use the SUMMERWARE key during the ordering process! It is the idea that is at the heart of the screenplay. You' ll learn how to design them, evaluate their profitability and find out what it needs to get the attention of manufacturers, executives and broker.

One of the best story-telling in Hollywood happens on the small display, and a TV scripts is the latest must-have specification for any prospective author. Immerse yourself in the TV authoring experience with this unbelievable compilation - and collect 5 TV specifications you won't want to miss. Get to know the keys to creating a special scripts today!

Will you be able to take your scripting software to the next leve? Final Draft is specifically engineered for scripting film, TV episode and drama, combining high-performance text editing with advanced text file formats in a single tool. You' re doing your first play? I think we can help.

Writing better, quicker and more convincingly

Whether you're a college graduate or a pro author, there's always something new to study and ways to refine, research and make your typing more efficient. It is important for those who want to be successful, whether they are registered at one of the best on-line universities or an ivy league school.

However important it is to learn to write well, it is not simple. Best practice in typing and research can sometimes be highly perceptive, and the subtleties of grammar and styles often fade into the background to meet emerging timelines and stringent quotation policies. Fortunately, there are many useful tools that make it much simpler to develop your current abilities as you learn new ones.

We' ve put together a list of websites to help college and college undergraduates, blogs and pro authors learn how to enhance their skills while becoming better educators and more research. It is sorted by topic and the ressources are in alphabetical order. More than 150 ressources to choose from are sure to make your typing a little bit simpler.

They can help you find out more about the job of typing, refresh your abilities and even see what it needs to publish a book. Copyblogger is Brian Clark's way to enhance a blog's contents, sales and market. This is a must for every author who is looking for a reader in the field of photography.

While Joanna Penn provides her insight into authoring, publication and book advertising on this useful diary. In this fun and informative diary, you'll find out what you shouldn't do if you submit your work to an editorial office. Belles Lettres: The About. com blogs are a great place to get some basic knowledge on how to write better literature.

CHRISTIAN: Jeff Goins Writer: Have a look at Jeff Goins' regular updates or simply downloaded his free e-book, The Writer's Manifesto, from this page. Send a letter to Done: One of the most important things about this is that you are able to write your own personal stories. This is the home of several hundred items, all about typing that can help you enhance your abilities in things like comic writing, inspirations and more.

No-boxed Writer: No-boxed focuses on the crafts and commerce of literature and offers a number of contributions each month that provide their own insight into the profession. It'?s The Writers Alley: It' called Writer's Digest: Find out how to enhance your typing, finding and agents, and even through the multiple blogging posted on this site.

They can help you build a free-lance typing shop, get you through jobs in the best on-line businesses, or simply help you keep yourself safe when you do. Take advantage of this free of charge feature to find out if someone has plagiarised your work. Free software to give your work the freedom it deserves.

You' ll be occupied for week after week with this inventory of on-line assets focused on IPR. Blogger's Legal Guide: Here, the Electronic Frontier Foundation provides a compendium of the U.S. copyrights legislation that applies to bloggers. The information on this site can help turn your site into the most important email campaigning tools you need for your work.

While your text is protected by copyright once you have made it available, if you wish further copyright for your work, you can sign up here for a surcharge. Authors & Artists: This" inside guidebook for the media" provides consulting for authors and authors through article, interview, competition and in an on-line world.

Use these instructions to help make sure you follow certain style and quote your source properly. This OWL tutorial will teach you the basics of OWL. Short instructions for quoting publications of the government: It contains samples of the most frequently quoted documents from governments. Chicago Manual of Style Online: Chicago Manual of Style website features an on-line forums, ground rule and even citation.

Find out how and why you can quote your resources in this useful Duke University Library guidebook. Comics in scientific writing: Instructions for quoting: It' the scholar's popular arts guidebook for quotes. This is the Economist Styles Guide: Do you want to write for The Economist? If you do it or not, these are some sound stylistic guidelines for any journalism letter. offers this classical book by Strunk and White in its totality so that you can enhance your typing without having to spend a cent. You will find a wide range of quotations for economics, educational, technical, scientific and socio-scientific use from this useful source put together by Lehigh University.

If you are willing to summarize all these quotes, this page will help you to create a citation. You can use this manual to do things right. A Turabian quick reference guide: This documentary system has basically the same difference as Chicago Style, about which you can find out more here.

Anyone, even experienced authors, can use a little help with their written and spoken knowledge. You can use the following hypertext link to help you write anything from a homework to an New York Times story. Please use this page as a guideline to help you prevent some of the most frequent errors in the German-speaking world.

If you are a mother tongue, this page can help you to practise your vocabulary and write. Gramar Girl: Gramar Girl is one of the most beloved online vocabulary pages and a great place to look for the answer to all your urgent question about correct use. Handbook for grammar:

At the Center for Postgraduate Studies at the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana, you can get your hands on this unbelievably useful manual of English language use. Guidelines for vocabulary and style: Guidelines for vocabulary and grammar: Select from several tutorials that will help you define the layout of your letter with this acronym.

University of Ottawa provides a one-stop shop for correct orthography, structuring and punctuation. Check out our new website for more information. On this page you will find fundamental information on the language, phrasing, choice of words and phrase. This resource can help those who write in specific categories - from imagination to typing - to find help, assistance and write inspiration.

Basics of Typewriting: Nicole Kelley, MIT lecturer, provides guidance to the student in the preparation of scientific and technological texts. Web-Guide for children's literature: This is a resource for authors who want to write children's books, provided by David K. Brown of the University of Calgary. Etudes on the craft of dramatic writing:

Find out more about the art of novel composition, scripting, or playing through the review of favorite story. Featuring novelties, a guide, typing quests and more, this site is a great asset for those who enjoy creating works of imagination. Provides advice on how to write scripts, information on meetings, classes and activities, and much more.

Top 10 hints for creative authors: The guidebook from Jerz's Literacy Weblog can be a great step-by-step tutorial to the proces. Find out more about all kinds of poesy, theories and critique on this easy but instructive site. They can help you research a history better and provide easy acces to a broad set of information, records and immediate sources.

Here authors can find a browseable historical facts base to begin research on a particular issue. ePodunk: ePodunk provides detailed information on more than 46,000 U.S. municipalities through cards, graveyard directories, and even regional papers. It is full of free resource for everyone, from news and journal items to specialist publications.

Find out more about America's emerging fashions and Demographic Change with information from the Census Bureau's website. Receive regular updating on the latest technological developments with the help of this page. Gossips need a good place to find out about the latest stains. This resource can help you find out more about what it means to be a reporter today, with some even concentrating specifically on researching and creating new medias.

And if you feel attracted to the web, you should add a tab to this page to find out more about how you can keep up to date with the latest news in the newsmedia. Northwestern' Department of Research at the News Management Center, The Lesership Institute, is exploring how newspapers can help educate readers, enhance author education and create best practice for the magazine business.

It is one of the best ways to upload your letter is to remain organised. Most of these free utilities let you do that with lightness. Use this useful utility to post your comments about a particular asset so that you can see them every single day you come back to the site.

CDC-Desktop provides basic collaborative design and development capabilities for corporate team members to effectively organise and exchange information, interact with others and work together on collaborative work. Save and split your texts on-line so they can be accessed from anywhere, even on your cell/cellphone. Googles has developed a utility that lets you easily save and organise your files, spreadsheets and other material on-line.

If you are a pro author or a college graduate who plans to become one, pro organisations can offer useful tools, assistance and information that can make you a better, more effective author. The American Society of Newspaper Readers is a member organisation for writers and those working with writers, but any author, prospective reader or other interested parties can contact them for help, instructions or information.

Every author should consider becoming a member of this group of professionals who focus on assisting creators to maintain intellectual property rights, a level playing field and freedom of speech. The mysteries writer of America : The MWA is a great organisation for thriller composers, lovers of the thriller style and budding composers as well. The National Association of Writers: NWU is the association for free and independent articles, editors, journalists, economic and specialist articles, web contents and poet.

On-line news association: Writers of America : Anyone with a love for romances should seriously consider looking for this group for resource, lobbying and expert network. Writers of America, Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America : Association of children's authors & illustrators: When you write, illustrations or have an interest in children's books, this is the place to turn for help and service related to your work.

German Association for Technological Communication: Editors will appreciate the organisation's expertise, from current publication to job opportunities and training. Sound eloquence and convincing typing can help any type of writer to be more efficient. These are just a few ressources that can help you develop your capabilities.

Listen to some of the most notable and acclaimed examples of the most popular talk in the story through the on-line language library on this website. Reading to write thinking: Convincing writing: Here you get a strategic guidebook that can help you become a more compelling author. The site is packed with rhetorical materials, which include bibliography, periodicals, reference materials and blog.

Ultimate timeless typing techniques: If you use one of the classical convincing write technologies, which are designed in this copy blogger mail, you can go astray. Use the following utilities, ranging from text counter to picture database, to help you increase the pace and quality of your work. The AutoCrit feature detects faint words and textures in your letter so you can clear it up.

Can' you think of anything to write about? Useful hints that can help you get your juice to work. When you can't recall the name of a particular paper or website, contact Journalist Express for help with the response. Technical Editor Resources:

If you are looking for a careers in engineering typing, you will find all sorts of useful skills and instruments for this area. The notepad can really ruin your work. Fight your way through with this easy-to-download application that helps you overcome every issue you face. Office: This great author communitiesite provides author assistance, typing tutorials, expertise and more.

This resource provides help with orthography, definition, synonyms, rhymes, and more. Over 5 million words in more than 900 on-line wordbooks are searched by the OneLook searching machine, so you can find, specify and compile all words on a website. Whether you are a poet, song or something else, you can get help on this page to rhyme words.

Would you like to use the symbols in your letter or analyse them in a work? can help with more than 1,600 items covering tens of thousand characters from occidental culture. When you need a little help working on and reworking your work, you should consider these resources for some perspectives and tutorial.

Academy Edit: Academic Edit is specialized in the processing of scientific papers such as theses, doctoral theses and doctoral theses, but also in the creation of CVs and scientific peer-report. Editorial and writing services: These companies can help you fine-tune your work, especially if it is for shop or on-line. Let this expert proof-reading and editorial services help you turn a preliminary design into a complete one.

The on the editorial markets for an author should review this organisation for freelancers, authors, indexer, revisers, researchers, publisher and translator. They can even publish their jobs on the website for help. No matter if you are looking for a completely new version or just a small view on your design, this write services has ressources to help.

If you are doing a homework or a book, these useful resources can help you to rationalize and enhance your research and work. Fifty tools to enhance your typing skills: Here are some surprisingly useful hyperlinks to help you reach your full potentials. The website of Mike Hart provides useful tips for the successful creation of diploma theses, dissertations or dissertations.

Guidebook to good writing: oshua Sowin provides a great tutorial for typing that is well destilled from the information in The Elements of Style. Getting a better weblog: Posted by Dennis A.ahoney for A List Apart, this post describes some of the things you should and shouldn't do if you want to write a great newlog.

On-line Poynter Courses: Poylnter has some great on-line classes for authors, especially reporters, to refine their work. The Purdue Reading Lab: Purdue University's on-line authoring guide is home to tutorials and hand-outs on subjects such as efficient authoring, reviewing, editorial and proof-reading, and other genre-specific materials.

Mindful of Mind Tool's typing skills: Such a fundamental examination of what constitutes good handwriting can be a great memory for those who are trapped in this proces. They can help authors write their latest work from almost anywhere, with some boastful functions that make it easy to focus, organise your thoughts and work-sharing.

It is a much-loved, feature-rich tool for organising research, designing and creating fiction, essays, short story and even storyboard. The free software allows authors to put together research and write engines that make it easy to use the information gathered during research to write a sketch or outlines.

The open sourcing-software offers similar utilities like Microsoft Office Suite, among them spreadsheet, text processing, the possibility to generate multi-media presentation and much more. Screenwriters will appreciate this software. With this open sourcing-software, it can make it easy to organize your storylines, character, dates and other important information while you are writing a novel.

Free software keeps the typing processwith ease and ensures that information is organised and your history is kept up to date. It' called Writer's Cafe: With this user-friendly software you will be able to be creatively engaged in the creation of literature. Created by a novelist, it offers a notepad, a magazine, an organiser, typing hints and even an e-book all about typing. yWriter5: Another text editor for authors, xWriter5 will help you split a novel into sections and sequences to make everything a little more straightforward.

The Zoho is another free text editing software package, and like Google Drive, it allows you to write and work from any computer with an online browser.

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