Software for Novelists and Creative Writers

Novelists and Creative Professionals

Word is standard for authors because it is pre-installed on almost every Windows PC. In view of a creative writing? This paper proposes a method to help amateur authors write novels. This is a computer model of a cognitive representation of creative writing. Thought that Notepad++ had no use at all outside of software development.

Page Four - Software for novelists and creative people

PageFour was published as FREE SOFTWARE in December 2017. The only thing you need to do is to install the software by pressing the installer below. Page Four is Windows software and runs on most Windows OS: PageFour can be used on most Windows OS: PageFour: Vista, XP, Windows 10, 8, 7. About PageFour - What can it do?

PageFour's high-performance search function will help you find the sales you typed last weekend quickly. You can' t do a Windows search anymore or desperately open one file after another. Please see the PageFour Help doc. here. Page Four is a text editor with tabs, outline and organiser for authors. Each author works differently, and PageFour understands that. For each novel, make a notebook and another one for your blog or journal.

PageFour allows YOU to create your working enviroment, you do not adjust to the software. No matter whether you make large changes while you' re working or just rewrite the sentences you typed last night, PageFour's Snapshots and Archive makes undoing those changes a snap. Automatic archival - just say how often, and PageFour does the work.

The Page Four file is saved in RTF file formats, i.e. it can be opened by ALL text processing programs. As soon as you work with page four, you are no longer bound to the work. You can use the import function to import all your Microsoft Office docs into Page Four - all your folders will be retained.

You can use PageFour's import/export function to synchronise your work on two computers. PageFour's Smart Editor serves as a point of departure when you begin to work. It is always up to the author to decide what to do or whether something has to be done. PageFour's efficient search makes it easy to find this section you typed a few month ago.

So how many things did you lose last weekend or last months? With PageFour, you can search every page, every folder and every notebook for you. Eliminates Windows Explorer and Windows search. PageFour makes it easy than ever to reprint your manuscripts. PageFour templates allow you to work in one typeface and reprint your script in another.

Overwrite the character and text character formats during printout. Generate a series of documents, each with different printer presets.

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