Software Author

He is a software author

The" author" of the Software is the original creator(s) of the Code and the author(s) own the copyright to the Software. is a broadcaster, author, software developer, designer and former sidekick. In order to better deal with author identification of software, we propose a semantic approach to identify authorship by comparing program data streams. Surname: First name (first letter):. The author has not yet provided any information.

Complimentary software for writers

All of our free software and basic applications are designed to resolve issues that many writers face or that cost them elsewhere. You' ve just written four hundred pages of award-winning books, or your non-fiction will alter the way the rest of the planet sees your style, but you're trapped!

When you are, our free book title builder will help you get your juice going. The free ISBN bar code engine has all the functions of its pay counterpart, but is conceived as an intelligent ISBN bar code model. With the ISBN bar code engine it is simpler than ever to generate an ISBN bar code for free.

We' ve used many bar code engines and have done our best to eliminate all the disturbing guesses that are normally associated with these applications. ISBN 10-digit numbering has been used as the default book size since 1970, but a reorganisation of the ISBN system has necessitated that all new titles use the new 13-digit numbering.

You have just acquired a new ISBN number and have obtained the proper 13-digit number, but if you are using an ISBN number acquired before 2007, you must use our ISBNs. Describe the Amazon Sales Rank on a page of a product?

Amazons uses a propriety ranking calculation algorithms for each of the books on the Kindlearketplace. Our Merchandise Ranking Converter allows you to break the cipher and find extra information about songs within a given Amazon Kindle Retail storefront within a given storefront. This detective reports on various information about the game.

The CreateSpace Width Converter is easy to use and it only needs a few seconds to calculate the width of your Amazon POD booksbacks. You can use our CreateSpace Width Converter to help you conserve your space and make sure your back measurements are correct when creating your print-ready work. So how many pages is my work?

With our page computer you can calculate how many pages your text contains. Just choose your font type, the type of your books and then type in your number of words and click "calculate number of pages". Our utility will not only tell you how many pages your work has, it will also match your work with others in your category, as well as whether your work is classified as a short story, novella, novel, and so on.

Explore the tools that writers and business owners use to immediately create free e-book templates and free imitations. These software provides low definition mock-ups and e-book cover appropriate for items on your website, while stunning and beautifully the cover designs are not high enough definition to be suited for Amazon Kindle.

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