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The Society of Children's Book Authors and Illustrators (SCBWI)?

The Society of Children's Book Authors and Illustrators (SCBWI)? Having attended a range of child authoring sessions, I realised that there are many authors who do not know what kind of resource and organisation is available in Ireland. As a result, I chose to conduct a range of in-depth discussions and blogging to disseminate what great organizations exist for young authors in Ireland.

In this first interviewee, Colleen Jones, the honorary regional consultant for the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, a.k. a Scientific Scwi. I won my affiliation to NSW by attending a brillant NSW workshops with Sheena Wilkinson last year.

First, can you tell me what the SCBWI is? SCBWI is a non-profit organisation established in 1971 by a group of children's writers in Los Angeles, California. It is one of the few organisations worldwide that is specifically responsible for the creation, linking and supporting of authors, illustrators and interpreters who create contents for kids and young grown-ups in various media types such as literature, cartoons, animation, movie/TV, computer applications and so on.

2 ) Is it an organization for mature writers/illustrators, or can prospective and up-and-coming authors and illustrators join? For writers and illustrators at every step of their careers, whether they are just beginning to become skilled or have just released one or more work. Our goal is to offer network and assistance to all members and to create and develop careers at all hierarchical level.

SCBWI supports and promotes both conventional publishing and self-publication (also known as stand-alone publication), always with the aim of fostering high-quality contents for young people. SCBWI Spark Awards were specially designed a few years ago to honour the best works in own publications. Denise Deegan won the prize for her young novel Through the Barricades in January 2017.

3 ) How can becoming a SCBWI member help authors and illustrators to enhance their work? SCBWI is recognized by many individuals in the incumbent publishers for the high quality of service members have developed through participation in workshop, webinar, conference, retreat, competition, one-on-one discussion, review and network with like-minded individuals. SCBWI also offers over 50 different prizes and scholarships.

Some years ago Jane Mitchell won the Jane Yolen Midlist Author Award for her MG notebookChalkline. The British Isles Archives Institute has evolved the uniscovered voices book collection, which has led many writers and illustrators to sign with operatives or publish later! Andiscovered Voices is open to all members of CTBWI in Europe.

We have a wide range of information and collaboration possibilities, among them writers and illustrators from Ireland. 4) How many members are there in the SCBWI? SCBWI has over 22,000 members. There are currently 35 members in the Ireland section, between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. There is no need for a boat or airplane for an event!

5 ) What activities are available to members of the SSCBWI both in Ireland and abroad? We' ve got a calender on our homepage or you can visit our event page to see what's upcomming. There are a large number of organizations working to promote books, alphabetization and the standard of children's writing in Ireland.

We' re pleased to be supporting other groups like Children's Books Ireland (CBI), Irish Writers Centre, IBBY Ireland, Contesting Words, Words Ireland and so on. And they have paid back by contributing to the promotion of our meetings. We' ve worked with CBI at several past meetings and look forward to continuing to do so in the years to come.

They are major gatherings with over 1,000 attendees, but the organisers always provide for an informal get-together with members of their own networks or at the multinational tables in the evenings. 6 ) I am a member of the ASCBWI and have spent some of my free times to read "The Book":

An indispensable guideline for publishing for children. Could you tell us a little about what this book is and how often it is up-dated? This book is the SCBWI-release of an author and artists handbook with contributions, hints and branch entries. 7 ) Are there mentoring possibilities at SCBWI for authors and illustrators who want to take the next steps towards publication?

SCBWI has a page with all currently available mentorships that bring together senior members with aspiring writers and illustrators. As a rule, a charge is made to the tutor for the tutoring services, as is the case with any tutoring programme outside the SCBWI. 8 ) SCBWI has a large fan base.

What can authors and illustrators do to make their book accessible to a broader public via the scientific and scholarly forum for scholars? A major advantage of membership of the SCI is that it is an international organization with a high standard name. Scientific research at the Institute is continuously working to enhance the funding possibilities for its members, among other things through initiatives:

Bologna Book Fair: Book Blast Promotion, Public and Listing (PAL) Readers Book Drive, Speakers Bureau, Conference Bookcases and Bookstands, Members and Illustrators on-line bookshop and Illustrators Galleries, and a Stand and Exhibition at the Bologna Book Fair. 9 ) What can a member of CTBWI do to give something back to the organization?

Is there a possibility for voluntary work in Ireland? We have an on-line review group in Ireland, led by a voluntary, and I am considering dividing it into smaller groups by audiences (picture book, MG, YA), so we need those who are willing to lead each group or lead the groups collectively.

With the help of me and Ciara Winkelmann (illustrator coordinator), personal criticism groups or friends of criticism can also be organised in their environment. There are always those of us who organise charity work in various places in Ireland and Northern Ireland. We' re looking for a new Galway fan and are always looking for fans to join us for some of the fun and games around Galway.

Some are not comfortably located near Dublin or Cork, so the opportunity to get in touch with other authors and illustrators and chat near the house can help to make us less isolation. 10 ) How can one join the SCBWI? It is operated by Olivia Hope and Niamh Garvey.

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