So you want to Write a novel

So, you want to write a novel.

but it' s gone now. They know that you are a novel - full of conflict, humour, irony, exciting events and fascinating characters. To write a book is a medium to long-term project (unless you are one of the few authors who can publish a book in a week or two). If you think you can write, you should write some good *novels* first. Skip to Can I write a series?

Thus You Want to World a Novel - Lou W. Stanek PhD Audio

They know that you are a novel - full of conflicts, humour, satire, exciting happenings and intriguing personalities. Renowned writer and teacher Lou Willett Stanek's New York workshop has allowed many emerging writers to make their dream of believable and persuasive scripts come true. Here, in a cheerful, "user-friendly" form, it not only provides inspiration and motivations, but also clear, step-by-step instructions to achieve your goals - from the initial concept to the finished design.

So, you're writing a novel? Therefore you need a FLAT.....

You' re gonna compose a novel. Look, we're not gonna get into a whole planing versus pants thing here. All we' re going to say is that a novel is a big one. We can' t even get into the store and buy our own breastfeeding without putting it on the back of our hand.

Honestly, this is all plots: an extensive, novel purchase request/s. Reading a really dazzling novel that is breathtaking with its river and its charm and its immersive wonder, one can easily imagine that it has fallen off the writer's hands in a five-minute assembly sequence, and then they sit down on the veranda of their weather-protected home for a festive snifter.

Actually, it was a matter of working and working and working and frustrating and working and working and handicrafts for the end result, that is. I' m just about to read a novel by a writer I just met. While I can see some of the bites I've seen before, the overall differences are huge, and I can see how the plot has changed, how the original concept has become the released volume through repetitive search.

Don't get me misunderstood, sometime very soon (as in the next blog) you have to put your fingers on the keypad and begin to type, but now, let's have a little fan. Purchase a notepad and put your name properly in it with a nice little bit of ink. Create a directory in My Docs and name it'My Motherfucken Novel'.

Launch a new file in your new directory and enter it: My novel. You do all this now, and you won't have to if you're gonna do it. Authors are, by and large, maniacs. It' has to be like this, otherwise no one would get through a novel to the end or believe that someone else wants to do it.

We' re writing for all sorts of different reason, but mainly because we like it. At some point in the story someone said something like "I don't like writing, but I like writing. However, you must invoke your magical power and allow a certain amount of writing space from most workdays. That is because, as 7 ideas in 7 day' s are all too conscious to do the work you have.

Turning to the next in our Novel Plots blogseries, take a look at Catriona Ward's brilliant, fast-speaking and awesome author's mind, which has a words or two to say about getting started on a new novel:

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