So you want to Write a novel

So, you want to write a novel.

To you who's starting a novel, you need to know the answer to that question! That book wasn't very good. No now, not in the near future. Download your copy here. Classes marked as "full" may still have scholarship places.

Thus You Want To Write A Novel?

It was with someone who had already completed his own novel that I began the construction of a novel, but I had to study my own hints and upsides. Pinterest, Google and a dozen new sites have collected these little items. It is J.K. Rowling's story table from the Harry Potter show.

They also made small jotting down the most important storyline arcs and how they relate to their protagonist. Generally speaking, plottering is so unbelievably important whether you write it down or not. Authors must all have a basic understanding of where the narrative is going, especially how it will end.

When I wrote my second novel, Monster, for example, I knew I wanted the characters to address some kind of psychological problem. Every psychological problem has a basic cause, so I had to write a tale about her sickness. There are other ways to plan your action, such as mindmaps, plain handwritten memos, or very detail storyboards.

Design a complete personality. It is a graphical novel for people. This overview is to help you understanding your personality and how it will respond in every situations. Always design strengths and weaknesses, customs, backgrounds (as detailed as possible) and motivations. It' good to know some of the physics, but the physics demand attentiveness to the history itself.

When your novel is played in 1950s America, your personality will not wear Hollister clothing or NARS lipsticks. That might need external research for your novel. It is also so important for the storyline of your storyline to know your personality. When you made it obvious that the person is timid, they would not avoid calling someone.

As much as possible I suggest films, TV shows and books to keep an overview of the features you like. Just write it down. Their first design will have plots, lack of character and chapter that you really don't like. The purpose of this phase is to put your idea on board and complete your novel.

You' re gonna need a hit man' play list while you're writing. Those tunes have to put you in the right headspace to write and concentrate. Don't go to a very open place if you're worried that someone will read your things. It is recommended to find a desk or stool that will support your back and throat.

It can take up to two or three of your own free minutes to make you feel as at ease as possible. It' hard to write and concentrate on your mobile telephone. After the novel is done, you have to fill in all the poor parts, revise the vocabulary and reread your novel several beats.

Usually I begin with plots and characterisations. First check your memos and remember your characters and where they go in the game. Just have a look and see if you reach your key point. It' also help to have someone around to help you.

And if you don't understand your novel, re-write as much as you can. There is no need to fill a chapter in a notebook, so if it doesn't suit the plotter's needs, take it out. There is nothing more painful than reading your novel and locating misspelt words after it is out. After all, you will want to see it one last reading.

Answer open questions and see if you like your storyline. I' m a little upset after I finished a novel. There are some publishing houses that do not approve a book with less than 80,000 words. Be a writer and don't give up!

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