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The SMS Reader is an application that automatically captures and reads incoming SMS messages for you. Listen to your caller name and SMS aloud. The SMS Reader is an application that helps you to read SMS messages. The My SMS Reader is an application that lets you listen to your text messages (SMS) at the time you receive them. All I want is that my SMS is read to me when I receive it, but I can't read it, like when I'm driving.

text message reader

It is possible to enable the import of received news and to import the latest news by hand. As an option, you can have the app pop up an inbound SMS before you choose to view or reject this email without unlocking your machine. It is even possible to stop the measurement by vibrating the instrument.

For example, it can be used in the showers, while cycling or walking, even while riding, to listen to your message without picking up your telephone, which is safe (don't forget to stop the car before answering). Inbound message reading services are fully interoperable with Llama, which enables you to activate or deactivate your message through various actions.

To help the creator, you can donate through the program that also removes all banners. You need the following permissions for the application: - Receive and transcribe SMS messages: necessary for the reader services. We use the information only to get the name and image of a number.

  • While some Bluetooth enabled phones may not work properly with the app, especially Android 5 and above. The Huawei App Manager" is available on some of our products, on which you have to enter the SMS Reader permission, otherwise it will not work properly. - With frequent failures when you receive alerts (of any kind), please delete the permission to receive alerts in the system settings for the SMS Reader.

text message reader

The SMS Reader is a very easy and useful application with which your mobile telephone can receive SMS text messaging for you by speech. If the SMS Reader works, every received SMS text file is forwarded by an installed announcer. To adjust the loudspeaker settings, change the key, tempo and sound level.

The SMS Reader is multi-lingual and can read many different languages. The program will notify you if the anticipated vote is not in use. You can test the loudspeaker before you begin and select your preferred language to make it work for you. is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to easily turn text into language that you can enjoy.

It' really useful when your hand is occupied, especially when you drive a vehicle or do something, because all your SMS text messaging is overturned!

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