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Born in Derby and run by Alex Davis, Boo Books is a new little press. The majority of publishers are small and have fewer than ten employees. A lot of authors turn to small publishers to publish their books. New Delhi is home to publishing houses based in the USA and Great Britain. Last weekend I started researching small publishers.

There are 13 indie presses you should know about in 2017

There are 13 individual press that you should know, because the only thing better than a good read is a good man's work. On this point of US civilization, where it is feeling more and more like there is a homogeneous story that is considered by the forces to be accepted, impartial publishing houses offer a platform for silent votes, for people ignored by the majorstream press, for those whose histories would never otherwise be divided.

You' re sure to find bestsellers and works that have been praised by critics in this publisher directory. A lot of houses are representing at least one prestige, award-winning writer - talented is not exclusively for big publishing houses, guys. Choose a work only for its song or album. The name Haymarket Books, located in Chicago, owes its name to the 1886 labour dispute in Haymarket Square, which, according to a plea, broke out for an eight-hour working week (and the foundation for May Bank Holidays, the world' s workers' holiday).

They have since 2001 released more than 500 non-fiction books, among them works by Angela Davis, Rebecca Solnit, Howard Zinn and Arundhati Roy, and are working to grow "a discerning, committed, global left". "Curbside Splendor didn't begin as a media - it was initially a pop group in the 1990s.

Their name remained long after the group and in 2009 they became an independant alliance with Chicago. Curbside's commitment to upholding the traditions of publishing in the Midwest, as well as the yearly short story contest, have made it a starting point for somewhat strange, always marvelous literature, non-fiction and poetic-picking.

The Coffee House Press, in Minneapolis, Minn. is intended to act as a link and catalyzer between reader and writer, between societies and forums. Her offers, ranging from non-fiction to poems to literature, are notorious and respectless. Since 2005, the family-run "Boutique-Verlag" and the movie producer Two Dollar Radio have been operating from Columbus, Ohio.

Specialized in fiction, essay and graphics fiction, Two Dollar Radio is as well known for its writer curatorial skills as for its home improvement aesthetics. One can always choose a two-dollar radio textbook on the shelves - and thank God. Maybe one of the best-known independant publishing houses, Graywolf Press, from Minneapolis, Minn.

has developed into unbelievable poetics since 1974. Two of their recent authors, Claudia Rankine and Maggie Nelson, received MacArthur Genius Scholarships in 2016. More than just a publishing house, Catapultis offers courses, operates an on-line journal and organises an open typing forum to which everyone can make a contribution.

Catapult's fictional literature and nonfiction narratives are rather disturbing and perhaps a little disturbing. Produced by the author Danielle Dutton (whose own novel, Margaret The First, was released by Catapult in 2015) as a means of emphasizing "works of diction or close-up or on diction, mostly by women", in the autumn she publishes only two volumes at a time.

Influenced by an Aunt Dorothy who gave a novel every year, Dorothy has retained the same essential - a small, hand-picked sweetheart chosen just for you. Probably best known for her biannual literature journal, Tin House introduces the same amount of crunchy, invigorating curating to her publishing business that was established in 2005.

With only a couple of dozens per year, Tin House specialises in illuminating "undiscovered" authors whose view of the outside can change their own view of the outside written work. A publishing house specialising in nonfiction, translations and "performance texts", Ugly Duckling Presse is a focal point for those interested in the novel.

As you know, every newspaper with the slogan "Reverse-gentrification of the literaturary world" will bring some big hits into circulation. A veteran of many years of autonomous publishing (since 1970!), FP is now an avant-garde of modern female writing, publishing everything from theatre pieces to Afro-feminist colouring books.

Established in 1992, The New Press produces works on education, the arts, ethnicity and society. You believe that editors are accountable for pointing out the grievances within a particular crop and delivering new, inquisitive, inaudible, and battle-ready expression. The choice of non-fiction books is particularly impressing - take a look at their education title and get ready for your idea of "school" to be entirely out of the canal.

Tyrant Books, headquartered in Rome, Italy and New York, New York, has already earned a fame for its eerie curatorial work by up-and-coming literary artists.

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