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We have a lot of independent publishers. Setting up a publishing house or looking for a printer to publish your company's materials requires selecting the machine that best suits your company's needs. That article about a publisher is a stump. The goal of Biblio Publishing was to adapt both the publishing and the bookstore concept to offer the best of all available concepts. BookSource, our sales company, offers an e-book service for small publishers.

There are twelve independent publishers every Londoner should know.

A year ago, London's favorite publishing house Penguin was acquired by the Bertelsmann group and amalgamated with Random House. Every weekend, news reports and blog posts make it clear whether or not a bunch of London publishing houses are already gone, but London's little ones make no mistake about the force of pressure. These are some of our favorites, at least one of which is a highly recommendable volume that summarizes the great things about this publishing house - a good starting point for those of you who are inquisitive.

Established in 2011 by a few old schoolmates from Kent, now Hackney residents, Influx Press is publishing obsessive place related book. All of his work is' site-specific' - an anthology for Hackney, poetry from London and the Docklands, psychodelic travels through the swamps, shorts from wilted coastal cities, essay about Birmingham, Canvey Island and Irish hosts.

The Pages of Hackney is probably the best place to find influenza literature in E8. Get to know the publishing houses further out by Read Connecting Nothing with Something. Taken this little tales out to the Kent coastline this summers and explore new corners on the Gardens of England. A Hackney-based small print shop specializing in colorful artwork and established in 2009 by Ben Freeman and Lynsey Atkin.

Although the theme is messy, the composition and editing of the script and the photograph give a clear image. Visit 4 Benyon Road to find Dito tracks and see the latest show. No Brow has been publishing the best graphics and illustrations available since 2008. The Strange Attractor Press began with a series of presentations about ignored, erotic and'unpopular' cultur.

Pilkington began publishing the Strange Attractor Journal three years later and has since published a large catalog of textbooks and CD's on eclectic, psychodelic experience and lost curios. Both Bookart Bookshop on Pitfield Street and Broadway Boks near London Fields are good dealers. The company was established four years ago by Anna Gerber and Britt Iverson.

It has also created a bright version of the already tricky Tristram Shandy. You can find more samples of VE's fine type and layout in the Charing Cross Road in Fouyly. Nicola Beauman has been reviving and releasing out-of-print works from a small store on Lamb's Conduit Street at her Persephone publishers since 1999.

The majority of the writers are female, most of the songs were composed before 1960, and their greatest hits were Miss Pettigrew Live for a Sunday - quickly recorded for the filming after Persephone had released them. There is no better place to rummage than the publishers themselves. Notting Hill Edition is a publishers of gorgeous, slender hardcover versions of articles.

Three years later, the first volume of the company was released. Drive to the West End to find a good range of NHE literature - Gower Street's Wasserstones and Marylebone's Piccadilly and Daunt are the best places to rummage. If you are looking for nice artwork booklets about the world of artwork, style and architectural designs, visit the WORK Gallery and PaperWORK Bookstore on Acton Street.

It is the principal dealer in London for Black Dog Publishing. When you' re not sure where to begin, Black Dog's Guide in London makes a nice gift - you can also browse through the new Made By Hand photobook, which introduces a variety of professional'makers', from blade forges to stationery retailers. Publishers have titles about the work of Stanley Kubrick and Douglas Coupland this past season - keep an eye on Black Dog's Twitter Feeds (@BDPublishing) for updates on the latest publications and shows.

He can be recognised by their packet wrappers, which are sprayed with parts or forms in brilliantly color. The Eyewear is a relatively young London based journalist that has only been in operation for two years, but has released many volumes of poems during this period. SJ Fowler's Tree Language (published in April last year) has already received much acclaim, and Eyewear will be publishing a poem volume later this year.

Visit the London Review Bookshop to search its books. Since 1987, Redstone Press, headed by Julian Rothenstein, has been by far the longest operating company in this sector. As Strange Attractor, he began with shows and performance before publishing poems and experimentally written fiction in 2006.

Today she is a regular contributor to young poets such as Ross Sutherland and Claire Trevien. To see what's in store, go to Rough Trade Eastern or Brick Lane Books by. Now that this shortlist has been put together, London West appears to be a special hot spot for the release of talents, from Penned in the margin at Toynbee Studios to Stoke Newington, where Ditto Press is located.

However, publication is for all districts organically. Who' s your favorite independent editor in London? These are our frequent summaries of new London titles, often with the above named editors.

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