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In case you run a small press that is not listed here, please contact us. Leading distributor of titles from the best British and Australian publishers. Independent Publishers Group | Small Press United | Independent Publishers Group

Small-press United is a marketing programme specially developed for the special requirements of small and young publishers. The SPU offers fast entry into the bookshop and can avoid the long preparation periods traditionally required for the launch of a new product. The SPU uses IPG's US and Canadian marketing team to distribute IPG products to chains and independents, on-line booksellers, domestic distributors, libraries and specialist distributors, gifts and specialist shops, museum stores and more.

This programme delivers and invoices all IPG sales divisions, increasing efficiency for purchasers and removing the obstacles to accessing all sorts of account size that small publishers and small distributers often have to negotiate. The SPU provides small publishers with IPG's state-of-the-art feed channel and ensures that title can be procured without problems in the US and Canada, especially where book sales take place.

The latest news available 24/7 keeps publishers up to date on all selling and stock activities. Every SPU customer becomes a member of the Independant Book Publishers Association (IBPA), one of the best independant publishers in the world. They also have at their fingertips a range of educational on-line publishers training aids, which include a guideline for designing an efficient advertising strategy, a tutorial on how to pitch, write news material and authoring trips, and a directory of key contact information for reviewers.

Small-press United is just the best publisher of printed and ebooks for publishers new to the industry - and incumbent publishers in need of quick and easy reference - who want to spend on creating and promoting their publications instead of struggling with the significant cost of setting up a publishing delivery structure.

SonicWALL takes over the sale of e-books and provides print-on-demand service that can help cut the total costs and risks associated with publishing. After all, the SPU's fees are ultimately calculated on net purchases of books, not on independent work. Please check the IPG blog for an exclusive review with Richard T. Williams, Director of the Small Press United Progam. "The first time I joined Small Press United, I had a good study period, and Richard Williams in particular was very helpful and instructive.

There is no better man I could wish for to reach my objectives for the marketing of my publications on the open markets... Overall, we are delighted to be with IPG and look forward to years of experience with you as a partner". For a full report from Small Press United, visit its website at

In case you are interested in IPG sales, please have a look at our publishing house contacts or drop us a line and we will get in touch with you asap.

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