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This page provides information about independent publishers in the West Midlands region and a few from other countries. The Bookseller describes Jacqui Small as "only perfectly thought-out and constructed books". Editor of visually stunning, informative books in niche areas such as arts and crafts, interiors, food & drink, home & garden. The Valley Press is a publisher based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK. Poems, fiction and non-fiction are published in this order.

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Founded and operated by Martin Rogers of theRGAP (Research Group for Artists Publications). It is an autonomous, self-financing and non-profit fair. In 2002 the first Small Publishers Fair took place in the Royal Festival hall. Constructed in 1929 by the Ethical Society, the building is a "landmark of London's sovereign spiritual, civic and intercultural life".

It' a logical home for the Kleine Verlagsmesse. The Small Public Players Festival is organized by Helen Mitchell, who is located in Norwich. Photograph by Caspar Evans and Julie Mitchell. Trade show assistants: Since 2002, 240 publishing houses have taken part in the Small Publishers Trade Show. These include multinational publishing houses and many others coming from all over the UK.

In 2018: 10 innovative small publishing houses Good Sh*t

However, among the small publishing houses there are a lot of innovations that are often missed in the midst of the press fuss for the next big thing. Being an author, readership and critic, I'm always looking for independent editors all over the globe to try out new things with speech, tech or commercial work.

Founded as a pop rocking group and then re-invented as an independent media company, Curbside Splendor has now opened its own publishing and recording shop in Chicago's South Loop. The purpose of their work is to research modern civilization through a combination of both. The Peepal Tree in England has been producing Carribean language for 30 years.

Australia's premier tribal publishers began as a reaction to the country's adoption of the arts. During the 1980', the authors of the Aborigines often saw their tales used with little recognition or reward, so the creators of Magabala Boooks founded their own organisation to safeguard the prerogatives of traditionally narrators and performers. Its name comes from a bushbanana that propagates its seed widely, and Magabala distributes the seed of tribal civilization by giving literature to kids and a grant to authors and performers from the Aborigines.

Peirene Press, headquartered in the UK, is an innovator in several respects: She advocates translating modern Europe's literary works, concentrates on the novel, producing only three well-designed works per year and working on an one-year subscriptions basis and sells each one. Next to the sea by Veronique Olmi, a disconcerting novel about a mother's hazardous relationship with her family.

In Minneapolis, this local media goes beyond the publication of good literature - it also seeks to promote a literature rich cultural heritage and enhance commitment through its book work on action programs. She has built open studios and libraries, set up literature-installation and more. Valeria Luiselli's Tell Me How It Ends, which tells tales of undocumented kids looking for a new lease of humanity in the USA, has spawned the Nobel Prize laureate Derek Walcott and many other great authors.

The Peepal Tree Press in England has been producing a limited edition of Carribean literary for 30 years, and it is constantly evolving - look at the Discover function, which is designed to give your textbooks a more socially relevant perspective. To publish a book in sub-Saharan Africa should not be so original.

However, as so much of the world is still driven by English and French, it is a breathtaking sight to see how this Tanzanian publishers produce in both Swahili and English. The aim of this UK independent media is "to place the brief history at the centre of modern narration". Situated in the centre of Brooklyn, Akashic Books is committed to helping authors who have either been ignored by the major publishers on the other side of the East River or who have decided to avoid them.

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