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Newest tweets from Small Publishers (@SmallPublishers). The Small Publishers Association of North America (SPAN). The small presses and independent bookstores are a special kind of relatives. Minor publishers face serious constraints due to a lack of investment in technology and digital skills. For many authors, small publishers are often a good choice.

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Quite self-explanatory, but here is a step-by-step tutorial for converting text to an eBook file size. Whilst a few years ago everyone thought that the eBook was meant to take over the pressure, it has achieved a platform that is a still worthwhile (if you are not already) to reach into.

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This page provides information about independent publishers in the West Midlands and a few from other countries. In October of the same year they began to publish leaflets, and the following year they published their first two full-length volumes of poems. Nine Arches has been building up the media since 2008.

You are publishing booklets of poems and poems, as well as booklets of shorts and the Under the Radar mag. Starting in mid-2011, they will have released 28 different papers. Two of her vampires (The Terrors by Tom Chivers and The Titanic Cafe close their gates and hit the rocks) were nominated for the Michael Mark's Pamphlet Award in 2010.

The Nine Arches Press was also part of the Libraries Development Initiative Project - Literature on Your Doorstep. Offa's Press is devoted to the publication and promotion of the best modern poems and writers of the West Midland region. She will do this through a number of releases and shows in which the motto is "good on the side and good on stage".

Offa's Press offers a wide variety of products. Offa's Press war auch Teil der Libraries Development Initiative Project - Literature on Your Dostep. The Silouette Press Silouette Press is a social-enterprise company that wants to find, create and release new authors, performers and publishers. Six years after its last stand-alone publication and eight years after the closure of its last printing agency, Five Seasons Press took up its position as editor of custom poems, prints, essays and translations.

Founded in 2010, Bamboccioni and Bamboccioni is a small, independant publishers specialising in high calibre literature. The Foxwell Press is a Birmingham-based book and eBook company by Fiona Joseph. Transformation CitiesTransforming Cities is an independently owned Birmingham, UK company founded by Nick Corbett in 2011.

Transformation Centers are a festival of places and peoples. Among the new songs of Transformation Centers is Corbett's own novel Arden, celebrated by critics, which follows the life of five of Shakespeare's friend from Arden Forest. The Ayebia Press are tailor-made publishers specializing in high-quality texts from Africa and the Caribe. You want to be the first point of contact for authors, both old and new, who need a publishing house with an interest and comprehension of where they come from.

Ayebia's missions are to release works that open new space and provide new insight into the lives, cultures and literatures of Africa and the Carribean in a way that enlightens, stimulates and entertains. Your textbooks are intended for all those who are interested in looking at high-quality literary works from a different angle. They are also targeted at school, college and higher education markets to put their titles on syllabus read-outs in Africa, Europe, the US and the United States.

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