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There are 10 small press poetry books to look forward to in 2014 So it' s National Poetry Month, and the last volume of poetry you saw was a shredded version of Leaves of Grass 10 years ago. Would you like new publications, then you've come to the right place in the small pressroom. Those independents are publishing more poetry than the Big Five on an exponential basis - often because smaller poetry publishing houses are themselves writers and are less worried about the economic breakdown of low conversion.

Featuring on-line literature journals, crowdfounding portals such as Kickstarter, and the historic link between poetry and chap books (small, hand-made books, usually between 24-48 pages), there is more room than ever before for large-scale poetry creation, exchange and use. Members of this fellowship are qualified both as authors and editors to work together in a system of assistance.

These are 10 books from 2014, published by 10 different small publishing houses. I' ll be happy to recommend exciting and exciting new publications from major publishing houses. TĂȘtebĂȘche combines two different works in a unique volume with poems, lyrical essay and letter to draw the reader deeply into a private interview of loving and familiar legacies, conducted by Holiday's dad, the deceased singer-songwriter Jimmy Holiday.

Each child distills their identity from such recollections (good or evil, gentle or violent), and all grown-ups will appreciate this one. This page flips over to imitate the click of a TV channel: TV stations that move from Kim Kardashian's fairy-tale marriage to the empty rooms of Playboy Mansion - each room itself revolves around the absences of The Girls Next Door and becomes a separate room through vivid poetry of fiction.

Like many poetry, Lonely Christopher's Death & Disaster Series confront the dead, but through the contexts of the capitalist system. This first volume of poetry, which borrowed a name from Warhol, is bold, harsh and talks with a note of rage and enthusiasm as Christopher faces the untimely end of his mother's world. What increases Pollari's collections, however, is the complete grotesque (and the fragility and courage in it) of her play on words.

After Broder's earlier Meat Hert ( "Publishing Genius, 2012"), Scarecrone takes a bold spin through a scenery full of wholes. The latest line is half Catholics and half Catholics. These 13 verses, which function as a hidden tongue between women, revolve around a unique emotional curve - the gray bird's turn with lovespell and brokenhearted.

This discreet lyrical poem will charm anyone who is easy entangled in graphical memoir or Apple music. MURPY investigates all this in a web of anthropology, web commentary, soulfies, bourgeois, mean girl, netflix, bodily mass, sugary sweet-haired, and ovary.

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