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The new Literary Agent Alert: Tara Gelsomino from One Track Literary Agency, Inc. She signed authors for Major with small presses. I hope to work with writers who want to grow and develop their careers as I grow and develop my agency.

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Representing a wide range of backgrounds, from veteran publishers to young and vibrant librophiles, our editors and interns all share the same view of life-long relations and a shared strategy for careers. The agency had its first New York Times bestseller in less than three years. In the following year Jane relocated the agency to the town house on East 51st Street, where she stayed.

Jane was interested in all kinds of fictions and non-fiction. Although she no longer takes on new customers for personal agency services, Jane will continue to lead the agencyâ??s global activities and continue to be an active participant in the career of all the agencyâ??s customers. From her first interview in Delacorte/Dell Andrea was fascinated by the publication and saw Kurt Vonnegut seated in the wait room.

In the Dell editorship, she studied with two of the most prestigious and talented writers, Linda Grey and Beverly Lewis, who inspire and nurture her esteem for business heroes. She has best-sellers in the areas of general and female rhetoric. She was educated on Nantucket Island, completed Wheaton College and went to Denver Publishing Institute.

For over 30 years she has been working for the agency and representing business literature, with a keen interest in tension, enigmas, romance and general literature. A new Englishwoman, she thought she had the best work in the whole wide west-- Soon after, she began to develop her own customer base, which today comprises best-sellers in the areas of female fantasy, tension, mystery, literary fantasy and incidental non-fiction.

She is always looking for new materials to learn, and she still thinks she has the best work in the game. Christina Hogrebe comes from the north-east of Pennsylvania and was raised with the fiction writers Anne of Green Gables and Sweet Valley Twins before completing her studies at Franklin & Marshall College and the University of Denver Publishing Institute.

She soon launched an arcane Twilight episode into the world of YA and fanfare, where she likes to look for new vocals. Over ten years later, she is still looking for her next literary obsession and her next customer â" who are almost always one and the same.

It is currently receiving requests from authors, whether public or not, dealing with works in the following classes of business fiction: Young-adult, New Adult, Frankie, Romantic Comedies, Suspense, Romantic Comedies, Amy. An amy Tannenbaum began her literary careers with a brief stay in Harlequin, where she wrote novels that were much more enjoyable than the ones she was reading while graduating from Wesleyan University.

After that she moved to Atria Boks, a department of Simon & Schuster, where she published a varied listing of best-selling non-fiction and literature. Your listing contains best-sellers in modern romanticism, psychedelic tension, thriller and new adults. Amyâ?? particular interest is in these styles, as well as the feminine fantasy that this sweetspot combines literature and commerce, memoirs, narratives and prescribed non-fiction in the fields of public relations, culture, humour and Pop Pop Pop psychology.

Mr. Schneider has worked in the publishers business for over 30 years, from running an independant bookshop in Princeton, N.J., to designing promotional initiatives for Crown, Random House and Miramax Books. Her most recent roles were SVP and Associate Publisher at HarperCollins for 11 years, where she was responsible for many of the New York Times best sellers, among them Harper Lee's Madeleine Albright, Anderson Cooper, Mitch Albom, Louise Erdrich and Go Set a Watchman, to name but a few.

She' s looking for non-fiction on relationship, wellbeing, humour, biz and memoirs, but also for sophisticated adults' literature that amuses and inspiration, thriller and imaginative psychology. It will use its profound knowledge of the publication processes to help its writers succeed on all sides. She began her publisher work experience as an internship with JRA and earned a BA in English literature, political science and Germany from Macaulay Honors College in Hunter.

As soon as she graduated, she had the golden opportunity to work in every division of the company to get a deeper insight into the deal before becoming an agen. They represent all kinds of nonfiction, with a particular interest in female narrative, crime/mystery, tension, books clubs and upper/literary literature.

A native of Long Island, Jessica Errera ascribes her passion for books to the built-in bookshop, who is her big brother. She graduated from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill with a BA in English and Drama before she returned to New York in quest of the intangible âreal work.

â Fortunately JRA needed trainees and in the traditions of good books it was true at first glance. Their favourite styles are young and new adults, modern literature, imagination and everything you can see on a single days sun. Global Righteous is a fast growing branch of JRA's global operations, representing the interests of our writers in all markets around the globe.

Since then Danielle has fallen in love with all literature, from the young and immaculate Pollyanna to the bewitching and cunning anti-hero. Danielle moved from her home country Texas in 2010 to New York to start her secondary copyright careers with a publisher. Danielle leads the day-to-day business of the International Law Division and works with her staff to explore new ways for our customers to publish in all languages of the globe in the fields of sound, electronics and printing.

Ever since Cassandra Mortmain won her hearts, Danielle has developed into a lover of other gripping, character-based tales from a variety of different styles, among them feminine fantasy, romanticism, suspense and literary clichés. Sabrina was originally from New York City and grew up there. She came to JRA as an apprentice in early 2015 and soon realised that the publisher community was where she was.

Fast-tracked from fashions to publishers, she became a part-time intern while following her B.A. in English lit. After completing her studies in May 2017, she became a full-time International Rights Assistent and worked with Danielle to find publishers for our customers around the globe. She is fictional of all kinds, but above all attracted by postmodern, trans-gressive and surrealistic music.

A team of experts takes care of all paperwork, from monitoring the contracts to the punctual settlement of all transactions; from the procurement of suitable overseas taxation paperwork to the analysis of license settlements; from the management of the agency's database to the monitoring of adherence to all conditions of the contracts by all involved persons. Prestia began her publisher careers with a Frahlingur while graduating from New York University with a B.F.A. in Dramatic Writing and working as a theatre director in off-off-Broadway theaters.

While Jane was offering Chris a job at the office, she kindly refused to believe that in order to succeed at JRA, she should first have a thorough understanding of the game. She is now happy to wear many heroes in the office as Executive Director, Corporate Affairs. If she doesn't read 32-page contracts, she loves stories in non-fiction, psychothrillers, modern literature and real criminal.

Carrying her penchant for adult literacy, she completed her studies with a diploma in English language writing and a blueprint to turn her obsession with poetry into a successful future. These interests eventually brought her to Brooklyn Law School, where she soon found that the publisher's side was the ideal combination of her interests.

She reads almost everything, but is particularly fond of character-based diction in many different styles, which include psychologic tension, modern diction, literary diction and romanticism. Don Cleary, the former managing partner and present management advisor, has been working for the company since 2001.

He is enthusiastic about working for the company as a royalty manager and is planning to carry on his work with them. He began his publisher careers as a young boy who stored literature in his community libraries and has worked with literature and its writers ever since. It was this fascination with print that brought him to non-profit publishers and unavoidably to New York and the commercial publishers business.

A newcomer to the publisher's business, Hannah has been an enthusiastic readership all her lifetime. She is now the agency's office administrator and learns new things about the sector every single night. Hannah likes to read historic literature and strange children's literature in her free hours, which probably wouldn't be available today.

Joshua, CGC, TT, TD Inc. is a saved âPit Bullâ and our agent maskott. Her favourite things in the world: playing appointments with her supervisor Beep and spending a long tough working days in the school.

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