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Do you know that small book publishers differ significantly from large book publishers? blOOturtle Publishing is an environmentally friendly niche children's bookstore. Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, we are a small children's book publisher and proud that readers all over the country know us by name. Ten years into publishing, we have a reputation for producing some of the best picture books in the world.

The Brandylane is a small, independant newspaper established in 1985 that produces literary, non-fiction, literary and children's literature.

The Brandylane is a small, independant newspaper established in 1985 that produces literary, non-fiction, literary and children's literature. It is our belief that there is a distinction between life and the universe being transformed by the force of words and pictures, and that large publishers are neglecting an abundance of good copy. In contrast to most major publishers, we are open to and listen to our readership, authors and book enthusiasts, and we welcome entries in most categories and topics. Links to our entry policies.

Who we are

Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, we are a small children's book publishing company proud that our names are known to our readership throughout the state. They have been presented in various ways and even found their way under the Christmas trees of the White House. Whatever our scale, our aim is the same: to make available textbooks that enhance children's life by telling tales that combine fun text with learning outcomes.

Almost 15 years after the release of The Legend of Sleeping Bear, our listing continues to evolve and evolve, with offers that range from young readers' logbooks to teenagers' fiction. Every year we take our moments to look back and recall our beginnings and the objectives we have defined for our publications programme.

We also take the opportunity to take a look at our own futures and affirm our dedication to young people. Our aim is to produce unmistakable children's literature with abundant contents. Reading out loud in school, library, and their homes every evening before going to bed, they are also the ones who enjoy it.

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Abbeville was established in 1977 and is a publishing house for fine arts and picture volumes as well as stationary and gifts. The Abbeville Kids is an impression for high-quality picture volumes that address the young people's bookstore. It is a major US publishing house for high-quality fine arts and picture series. Established in 1949 by Harry N. Abrams, the business was the first in the nation to specialise in the production and sale of fine arts work.

Abram's Young Reader Book and Amulet Book. Established in 1919, Albert Whitman & Company is an independently owned childrens bookseller. We' re known for our classical The Boxcar ChildrensĀ® Mysteries range. From the 1960s and 1970s, under the editorship of Caroline Rubin, Albert Whitman & Company became one of the leading publishers of works tailored to the rich culture of our planet and the specific needs and aspirations of young people and their family.

Today we are still known for our literature on current issues such as separation, disabilities and intraraciality. Much of these tales are released as conceptbooks, and library professionals keep telling us that Albert Whitman is the first port of call for such work. Albert Whitman's works also feature numerous prize-winning works for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as illustrated and non-fiction literature, and acclaimed works for young people aged 2 to 12.

Albert Whitman & Company is planning to offer good quality childrens literature in the new millenium as well. Joan Willis has worked with Tony Ross to produce some of the funniest children's storybooks, among them the Dr. Xargle franchise and Tadpole's Promise. As Andersen released his novel junk, the press won the Carnegie Medal and the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize and were short-listed for the Whitbread Children's Book Award.

The Barefoot Book is an independant children's book publishers devoted to the development of better quality childrens work. Ten years into our career in printing, we have a solid record of making some of the best illustrated book in the industry. Barefoot has developed from a small start - we founded the firm from home without personnel in 1993 - into a resilient global enterprise with a workforce of 23 people working from bustling UK and US based bureaus.

Well, our kids are our best reviewers. From the first phase of the script to the choice of artist to the creation and publication of the book, they have a lot to say about every work. As they have learnt from the experiences we have developed, we have also learnt from the many novels and suggestions they have collected from schools and abroad.

Also, we have gathered all sorts of insight and inspirations from each child's own uniqueness, interests and talent. We take a "less is more" attitude - we want to be selectively in what we publicize and ensure that each and every one of our projects has a sustainable value and a lot of attractiveness for children.

It is our goal to make arts and history so accessible to today's youth that they promote their own creative abilities and appreciate the variety and richness of the world's many indigenous civilizations. Barron's Educational Series, Inc., established in 1941, quickly became the premier U.S. publishing house for exam-preparatory handbooks and textbooks.

Some of Barron's best known of many tracks in these areas include his SAT I and ACT test preparation guides, his Regents Exams guides and his Profile of American Colleges. Over the past few years, Barron's has extended into many other areas of publication, launching comprehensive product ranges of children's literature, bilingual textbooks and cartridges, animal welfare guides, new age textbooks, cookery textbooks, commercial and finance textbooks, parent guides and arts textbooks, as well as audio cassette, video recorder, compact disc and CD-ROM educational material.

Barron's releases an annual number of up to 300 new shares on avarage and has an impressive background of well over 2,000 shares. Barron's novels are immediately known for their diversity, dependability and excellence by retail, education and institution booksellers, and not least by their readership. The Bloomsbury Publishing Plc is a premier freelance publishing company and has won the 1999 and 2000 Publisher of the Year Award.

The Bloomsbury Children's Book series includes reference works for kids of all age groups, among them blackboard albums, storybook pictures, chapters, novels and poems, with the aim of publishing various genre works that take the readers on a trip beyond the ordinary and the unexpected. Established in 1990 by Kent Brown, Clay Winters and Larry Rosler, Highlights for children, Inc. is the commercial arm of Highlights for Childrens, Inc.

Boyds Mills Press currently offers around 400 different magazines, mainly illustrated and non-fiction as well as crafts, puzzles and active work. Recently, Boyds Mills announces the production of Calkins Creek Books, led by Carolyn Yoder, which focus on the story. Boyds Mills Press purchased Front Street, Inc. in 2005, which is now a Boyds Mills Press print along with Lemniscaat, Wordsong and Calkins Creek Book.

It has received many accolades, including five National Book Award finals, two Newbery Honor Book titles and the Coretta Scott King Honor Award and most recently the Michael L. Printz Award. Front Street has also collaborated with the Netherlands publishing house Lemniscaat on a joint publication since its founding.

There was a young Englishman called Sebastian Walker who started to write the best children's literature. In 1978, with distribution expertise, a small credit from a publisher and a great sense of entrepreneurship, he founded Walker Book in the adjoining room of his house and persuaded Wendy Boase, a brillant writer, and Amelia Edwards, a pioneering design artist, of his vision.

Three of them provided a unique working atmosphere and new assistance in editorial, not only for their employees, but also for the celebrity writers and illustrators who quickly came on board. The top publishers - Helen Oxenbury, Nicola Bayley and Colin McNaughton among them - were welcome to stop by Walker Books suddenly, get together with their writers at any given moment and even work in the comfortable, light-flooded office.

Years before the launch of online start-ups, Walker Records not only provided its employees and attendees with a meal every day, but also shared the company's profit with its writers and illustrators. Generousness is still one of a kind in the world of printing. There was a clear message: The Walker Book's writers and book designers were the Walker Book's star.

Sebastian Walker, when deciding to grow international, decided to go to the literal yet lively Cambridge, Massachusetts, which reminds him of the London area where Walker Book finally found his home. Unfortunately, Sebastian passed away in 1991 just after the founding of Candlewick Press in Cambridge and Walker Book Australia in Sydnyy, but his dedication to the publication of outstanding children's literature continues - and thrives - as an heir on three different contients.

In ten years we have released more than 1,500 noteworthy children's titles, among them the classic Can't You Sleep, Little Bear? by Martin Waddell and illustrates by Barbara Firth; Rate how much I loved you, by Sam McBratney and illustrates by Anita Jeram; My very first Mother Goose, by Iona Opie and illustrates by Rosemary Wells; and it is completely normal, by Robie H. Harris and illustrates by Michael Emberley.

Candlewick Press, with its London and Sydney-based Walker Book headquarters, a burgeoning web site and, above all, the world's finest children's titles, is now part of a global enterprise with an endless world. It is not enough to educate kids to read," says children's writer Katherine Paterson.

This is what we're trying to do here at Eerdman's Young Reader's Book. Our aim is to create beautiful writing and illustrations that promote children's belief in God and help kids discover and experience the wonder, joys and struggles of living. The Faber and Faber is the last of the major London based publishers.

There has been a long story in the production of extraordinary book with nonfiction, literature and literature. Renewed non-fiction, music and children's publications bring a wide variety of works to a broader public, while renowned film and theatre listings remain leader. <font color="#ffff00" size=14>

was founded in 1977 and is a publishing house and distribution company for non-fiction and children's literature in the United States. Firefly's aim is to offer our readership beautiful expertly printed works at affordable rates. One of Firefly Books' particular areas of expertise is cookery book, horticulture, astronomy, healthcare, nature studies, illustrated volumes, specialist literature (especially for children) and sport.

As well as releasing our own children's literature, Firefly works with some of the world's best publishers to offer you an eclectic selection of products for all age groups and literacy levels. We have unsurpassed children's title. Besides the publication of its own book, Firefly also handles sales and advertising for businesses with similar philosophy and publisher programmes.

Established in 1966 by Robert I. Fitzhenry and Cecil L. Whiteside, Fitzhenry & Whiteside has earned a strong position as a book publishing and distribution firm in the Canada market. Among others, our children's literature won the Ruth Schwartz Children's Book Award and the Mr. Christie Book Award. Internationally, the company's scientific publication has caused a stir.

It is an all-new, independently owned publisher specialising in children's photo albums. Each of our albums is prepared with great individual attention. published novels for kids and teens. Painting albums mirror the happiness, energy and happiness of babies and youngsters. Intermediate class chapters cover the different attitudes and activity of compulsory school-age kids.

Often our youth stories deal with crises and vulnerable kids and offer hopes and support, however challenging the issue may be. It is our belief and commitment to the publication and contact of young people with the best available literary works in other lands, culture and language. After all, we believe that it should be nice to look at and keep a book.

" "Founded in 1978, Groundwood Brochures is devoted to the creation of children's literature for all age groups, which includes literary works, storybooks and non-fiction. Our publications are published in Canada, the United States and Latin America. It is our goal to achieve the highest possible level of linguistic and illustrative excellence. Most of our attention is focused on works by Canadians, but sometimes we also buy excellent works from other states.

Most of our works tell the tales of those whose voice cannot always be hear in times of worldwide publication by major corporations. The first peoples of this sphere have always had particular interest in reading and reading, as have others who have been marginalised by circumstances and whose contributions to our societies are not always evident.

We have been releasing works by Americans of Latino descent since 1998. It is our belief that our works are of general interest through the reflection of intense personal experience. Meanwhile, the fact that our writers are worldwide publishers testifies to this and to their qualities. More importantly, our novels, most of which stay in the press, are enjoyed and beloved by kids.

" The HarperCollins Children's Book is one of the foremost publishers of children's titles. HarperCollins is valued around the globe for its heritage of producing great kids' book titles and is home to many of the classic children's work. The HarperCollins Children's Book is a department of HarperCollins Publishers, one of the world's premier publishers of Anglophone music.

In August 1991 Hyperion released his first book: See Square, a pocket book by Joy N. Hulme, pictured by Carol Schwartz. Hyperion for Children and its Imprints have since released works by Julie Andrews, Rosemary Wells, Louise Erdrich, William Nicholson, Michael Dorris, Jules Feiffer, Toni Morrison, Jon Agee, Paul Zindel and William Wegman, among others.

In the upcoming season, there will be titles by children's literature experts such as Maurice Sendak, Norton Juster, Margaret Wise Brown and Charlotte Zolotow. Hyperion Book for Child steals some of the American Library Association's most important childrens' book prizes in its 10-year jubilee year, and in 2003 Avi's novel Crispin received the Newbery Medal, the country's highest children's literature prize.

We are a leader in children's book production with the goal of creating educational, inspiring and challenging works for young people. Known for the beloved Franklin franchise Turtle?, which has shipped over 42 million copies around the world, Charles Can Press has made a name for itself with its excellent selection of non-fiction, illustrated and literary work.

The Lerner publishing group, established in 1959, is headquartered in Minneapolis. The Lerner publishing group publishes more than 1,600 children's printed publications, producing high-quality works for retailers, schools and libraries on a wide range of topics ranging from life stories, sociology, natural sciences, geography, sport, photo albums, active literature, multi-cultural topics and literary works.

Learner Publications, Carolrhoda Brochures, Inc. First Avenue Editions, Kar-Ben Publishing, LernerSports und LernerClassroom. Little Brown and Co., a Time Warner business, have created some great quality titles for kids of all age groups. The Lobster Press is a small independently owned publishing house that publishes award-winning children's literature for kids of all age groups.

Meadowbrook Media was established in 1975 and has become one of the premier publishers of parent and child care literature in North America. Die Presse is also the nation's premier publishing house for infant name directories, with six different infant name directories in production and over five and a half million copy sold.

Meadowbrook's increasing series of amusing poetic and literary Anthologies for Kids have found recognition and commercial acceptance among critics. Meadownrook's gifts, activities, party and humour albums are bestsellers for several years. Its aim is to achieve research, science and teaching leadership through global publications. Every year it releases more than 4,500 new works, is represented in over fifty different European markets and has around 3,700 employees around the world.

Thousands of people have become known through a varied publication program that encompasses scientific work in all major fields, Bible, music, educational literature, children's literature, English as a Languages, account book material, English Dictionary and References, and periodicals. "We were founded 25 years ago in Atlanta and are one of the first independant book publishers in the South.

There are many book catagories, but we concentrate on publications for kids and teens, self-help, education and healthcare, and southern literature. All our novels are carefully written and beautifully illuminated, and tell strong, touching and touching tales. "The Peachy Keen" you will find here the information we consider to be particularly handy - the great new works we are happy about, the enthusiastic critiques and accolades we have just won, and the latest information on where to get to know our writers and people.

"Tree house for children" is our funny children's site with toys, activites and information about your favourite photo albums and their writers and illustrations. For many of our children's literature you will also find teacher's manuals. "Pelican Publishing is nationally recognized as a fast-growing mid-sized business with a backlog of nearly 500 publications and fifty to sixty new ones per year.

Pelican is a general specialist publishers producing guidebooks, arts and architectural works, Christmas tales, domestic and foreign cookery literature, motivating and inspiring works and children's literature, as well as a wide range of socially relevant commentaries, historical and literary works. The Penguin Group (Canada) - then known as Penguin Book - was established in 1974. Originally a Penguin distributorship company, Penguin started producing native works for Canada in 1982.

Penguin Group (Canada), like Allen Lane, Penguin's founding father, is committed to publishing works that appeal to the widest readership and cover key societal topics. Noel Carrington lunched with Allen Lane, the Penguin Book foundress, in 1939 and introduced him to an original concept for a range of children's non-fiction works.

Allen Lane needed only two moments to determine that he wanted such children's penguin photo albums, and so the puffin diving registry was created. Allen Lane's first illustrated book, which appeared in 1940, was very popular and showed her what kind of pocket book there was if only the right title could be found.

In 1941, the Puffin Story Books were released by Barbara Euphan Todd under the first Puffin editors Eleanor Graham and Worzel Gummidge. In the meantime, Puffin has become the market leader for children's paperbacks not only in Great Britain, but also in much of the English-speaking part of the globe.

Puffin celebrates his 60th anniversary in 2001 and enjoys being sixty years young as a children's editor! "The Random House Children's Brochures is a business unit of the Random House Group Ltd. In November 2001, it fused with Transworld Children's Brochures, making it one of the top 5 children's publishers in the UK. Random House Children's Books' five hardcover prints (David Fickling, The Bodley Head, Jonathan Cape, Doubleday and Hutchinson) and two hardbacks (Corgi and Red Fox) are proud to have many good authors and illustrators out there.

Some of the classical illustrations are Quentin Blake, Helen Cooper, Shirley Hughes, John Burningham and Babette Cole, and we have published bestseller authors such as Jacqueline Wilson, Anne Fine, Michael Morpurgo, Philip Pullman and Roald Dahl as well as many others. We have won all the important British children's prizes. "Random House Children's Book is the biggest English-language publishing house for children's literature.

Random House Children's Brochures produces pre-school book for young adults in all sizes, from executive and active book titles to photo and novel titles, and unites world-renowned brand franchises, multi-million copy collections, and award-winning writers and artists. The Scholastic Canada is one of the foremost publishers and sellers of children's literature and teaching material in both language versions.

We are continuing this ministry today with award-winning Canada textbooks and excellent teaching material and associated learningware. The Scholastic Canada Ltd. provides care for kids, adults and educators through a wide range of companies such as Scholastic Book Clubs and Book Fairs, Scholastic Education, Classic Magazines, Trade and Les editions Scholastic. SCHOLASTAST Canada is also valued worldwide for its Canada publisher programme, which features many award-winning writers and illustrators devoted to the production of works that excite kids and encourage life-long reading.

The Scholastic is dedicated to the development of learning and alphabetization of young people and supports families and educators. Recognising that alphabetisation is the foundation stone of a child's intellect, personality and culture, Scholastic has been providing high value educational, entertaining and motivating goods and solutions for over 80 years, helping to broaden children's understandings of the wider community.

For many years, the business has established a reputation as the most trustworthy name in the educational field, and reaches tens of thousands of parents, educators and kids. Besides the publication of children's literature, the Scholastic School department offers a wide variety of educational tools and related activities for elementary and middle school students. Book clubs and book fairs offer the opportunity through educators for kids to gather their favorite book and help local communities create free book collections.

Book fairs can offer a library up to 60% of the value of a book bought in free book! Scholastic, the worldwide children's publisher and publisher, has a business vision that is backed by all of its business units to help all kids enjoy loving to read and learn forever.

Recognising that alphabetisation is the foundation of a child's intellect, personality and culture, Scholastic has been developing high-quality educational, entertaining and motivating goods and solutions for more than 83 years to help raise children's awareness of the wider community around them. At Scholastic, we strive to understand the needs and emotions of our students, celebrate their aspirations and dream, and support our parent and teacher by being the most trustworthy name in the learning process.

We are the world' s premier supplier of value-added educational content and service at home, at home and in all types of educational environments that appeal to kids. Located in New Jersey, the business creates original image, crafts and blackboard textbooks for preschools to third class, lavishly illustrated and cleverly crafted short histories that excite and excite young people.

Founding illustrator/author Mary Watson chooses hand-picked works that stimulate the mind and make going to bed a valued part of the families heritage. Fun, study and the wonder of a good book to share is our shared ambition. Simons & Schuster, Inc. is a leading provider of general interest publications to the world, offering customers around the world a broad selection of high-quality textbooks and multi-media titles in a broad array of styles and sizes.

The six business units Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group, Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing, Simon and Schuster New Media, Simon and Schuster Online, Simon and Schuster UK and Simon and Schuster Australia contain some of the most important impressions and well-known brands in the publication industry.

Headquartered in Chelsea, Michigan, Sleeping Bear Press has provided young people, families, educators and bookshops with high-quality, nicely pictured photobacks. We are a nationwide publishing house for local literature and it is important to us to make a permanent and priceless impact on our readership. It is important to produce a book with a good news and wealth of contents that will help not only the kids they care about, but also the grown-ups they are reading out loud in school, library, and every evening before bed.

The Legend of Sleeping Bear was our first children's book by the writer Kathy-jo Wargin and the journalist Gijsbert van Frankenhuyzen. It sells more than 200,000 copies and became the official children's book of Michigan in 1998! Aware that it is important for a child to build this bond as early as possible in order to awaken a lifelong passion for music.

It is our belief that all kids should see themselves in printing, and we work together to incorporate kids of all colours, backgrounds and skills into our work. Not only should they see themselves, but they should also listen to the trusted speech in the book they have chosen. To achieve this aim, we are publishing attractive textbooks in twenty different tongues.

We' re proud to be publishing writers from all over the world, and many have found a home here at Star Bright. Kids of all age groups have been pouring over the work of art by Brian Wildsmith (winner of the Kate Greenaway Medal for ABC) for many years. The author Miriam Cohen has always talked directly and sincerely with kids.

The Her We love first grade book has become a must-have book for teachers and teachers to enjoy with young people. We at Star Bright Brochures believe that only the best is good enough for kids, and we will keep producing products that are not only fun, but also useful and responsive to the needs of all kids.

Our book is considered an expansion of a hands-on museum or junior ranger program in US National Parks. It is our pleasure to bring together writers and artists in a stimulating and imaginative setting that creates beautiful writing and illustration works that will delight kids. It will be a pleasure for mothers, grandpa and teacher to hear these stories loud.

While our personalities are learning, kids are learning about themselves, their beliefs and the worlds in which they are living. Almost five years ago, Elisabeth Prial and Barb Knight, a veteran of the children's book business, agreed it was appropriate to use their varied experiences to provide a coherent and smart collection of fanciful and fun children's titles.

As a result, the resulting Childrens' Book Guide provides an interesting range of high value children's products based on a solid basis of editing and graphics. Above all, a book listing that appeals to the interests of its intended readers - especially youngsters! During the development of the stories of tigers it was essential to produce a book that deals with the same occurrences and daily lives that are easy for a child to identify with.

Themes such as gambling with buddies, discovering your neighbourhood, bringing a new brother or sister into your home and getting to know yourself and others are just some of the stories emphasized by brave, light, colorful illustration that is child-friendly. "It was important as a small and independant newspaper to occupy our niche," says Elisabeth.

"So, we chose to concentrate on those that are suitable for younger kids aged 6 month to 8 years. "In the case of stories about tigers, this means providing the diversity of sizes best suited to this audience - hard-cover photo albums, pocket papers and novelties. There is a fantastic range of new product sizes such as pop-up albums, folding albums, fabric albums and touch-and-feel albums on tap at noon.

At a time when minors are filled with all sorts of fluids, stories about tigers occupy even the brightest minds of the burgeoning multimedia world. "Observing babies and seeing how instinctive they are - this tale reinterprets well-known classic for today's babies with heat and humour.

Being able to work directly with the readers, buyers and distributors of the works we so fervently enjoy makes it worth being a small newspaper. To meet experts who know and interact with kids every single working day and see the tremendous response they have to the book we have published is highly rewarding.

By consolidating the large publishers, there is much room for new and cutting-edge concepts that can be realized by the small machine industries. New, refreshing and imaginative, the small newspaper is certainly ready to make a contribution to the child book publisher's work. It is a consistent and coherent listing and a great complement to any children's books.

The Tundra Book is known for its innovation. Since its inception, Tundra has been devoted to assisting individuals in telling their own tales, educating young kids about art galleries, balancing information and aesthetics in non-fiction and storing children's beloved printed works so they can be shared with their own later years.

It wanted to do what few publishers in Canada did at the beginning - focusing on the creation of educational products for kids. Not just any book, though. As May Cutler was so fond of all the art forms - acting, drawing and dancing - she chose to bring gifted youngsters closer to gifted performers in her own country.

And she wanted to make "children's literature as works of art." "After 28 years, Tundra and Stewart came to be marketed by McClelland & Stewart, Canada's premier literature publishers. 1996 the office relocated to Toronto and a new editor, Kathy Lowinger, took over. As Kathy is devoted to preserving the tundra mind, this company is producing some of the finest illustrated albums and novel of all time in today's children's bookstore.

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