Small Book Publishing Companies

Publishers of small books

We have a lot of independent publishers. These are our list of book publishers who accept contributions. This is a small, independent publishing house that produces authentic and fun books for children and young people. Books for children may be shorter, but the rules of good writing still apply. The publishers want to select the illustrators for their books.

Beautiful handwriting for girls, by girls

We' re now the only women's independent tabloid in the UK. It is our politics to support and motivate female authors and give a broad spectrum of prospects and topics of relevance to them. Our publications are varied, provocative and unexpected. Our authors' backgrounds are a multicoloured patchingwork of culture, country, age group and style.

Awardee 2015 Female In Publishing Pandora Awards. 4 October was the release date, after two years of waiting in the publishing line, for Lynn Michell's third novel, . Have a look at what Lynn has to say about this event. We are pleased to publish her second novel, a fictionalized biopic that takes place in Scotland.


The Aves Press is a publishing house for zoological literature and journals (especially ornithology) - mainly for the committed enthusiast or expert researcher, as well as for universities and museologies. Each year the winning design will be presented in the Interior Design Review Book together with other chosen participants. HAMPSHIRE Publishing is a small independant publishing house located in Hampshire.

Specialized in children's literature, especially Fantasy/Magical Realism and Mystery/Adventure. In addition, we release thrillers for grown-ups. It is our goal to give your book a new lease on life! Justin's own book "Billy Hill Gyp and Me" followed in 2012. Our headquarters are in Cape Town, South Africa. Kriteria Publishing is a new publishing house for literature, lyric and scientific works located in Sydney, Australia.

Since 1994 Dove Publishing Ltd has been producing car and driving novels. The Blackpool Gallery has created the publishing company Eas On The Eye after a much-loved show of cover artwork. Founded in Mallorca in 1934, Moll is one of the oldest publishing houses in Catalonia.

Included in the list of English-language publications are chapters on native botanical and zoological literature and Mediterranean horticulture. His first book On theory of Chinese ideology by Tony Kosuge on the upheavals in Far Eastern politics was released in hardcover in 2012. It was founded in 2012 and the first book Over The Border- The Other Ease-End by Neil Fraser was released in August 2012.

The Gatehouse is an internationally operating publishing company headquartered in Singapore. The Honeyglen Verlag, established in 1983, is a small publishing company. You are publishing articles on the subjects of story, historical philosophies, biographies and selected fictions. The Soul of China, Women & Power in History, A Kind of the Century and Vladimir The Russian Voiking are among them, some of which will be released as e-books in the near-term.

We are a craft publishers trying to find the best materials, from the best artists and designers to the greatest attention to detail in processing, designing and print. It is our aim that our readership and our creators have the certainty that every book we produce is made to the highest standard.

Publisher of Malt whiskey yearbook, the definitive book that whiskey lovers around the world look forward to every fall. The 7th issue of the Malt whiskey yearbook 2012 is as important a source of inspiration as a book that can be enjoyed reading. is a Ethiopia-based publisher of Ethiopia - Traveller's Handbook, Meru Publishing specializes in publishing about Ethiopia.

From manuscripts to artwork creation, Meru Publishing supports writers in publishing their work, from first manuscripts through graphic arts and print to publishing, selling and promoting. MROP is a publishing house for motorsport and classical and powerful roads. At Muze Media, we are currently focusing on publishing high-quality journals and periodicals that meet the needs of our audiences.

Vine House's long-standing customers include Oval Publishing and Bearmondsey Publishing - and are probably among the smallest. We have a politics that only a small media can handle today. Puck is a publishing company inspired by the figure Puck from Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream.

Belletristic and non-fiction publications, such as the very popular and funny stories of Davina Elliott and Mary Hasbury's theatre group work. RD & AS Shepherd Partnership has released several David Shepherd C.B.E. book. The group publishes songs like Foundations of Classical Ballets Technique and Dance Class Anthology. One garden and three houses is the Foundation's only work.

This book, edited by Vine House, is a reproduction of the sold-out 1999 album. The Umbria Press is a small publishing house that specialises in biographical, contemporary and cultural literature and publishes about six new titles a year. The Whittet Book publishing house was established about 50 years ago and is an independant publishing house for nature, animal and horse-book.

Whittet is known for his beloved monographs on UK birds and animals and has also appeared for the charity organisations People's Trust for Endangered Species, The Tree Register and The Donkey Sanctuary. This World Snowboard Guide was created in 1996 and has been edited by WSG Media since 2004.

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