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In addition to editing, marketing and sales, small printing presses are publishing houses, which means that they also go through a book selection process. Many publishers put their preference and wisdom into the production of small works of art. The first book prize and saboteur prize for the best short story collection. Auch für den Blackwell's Children's Publisher of the Year Award wurden Bloomsbury Publishing, Nosy Crow und Walker Books nominiert. To provide information and tools for publishers and independent authors to successfully publish and market Christian books.

Top 30 Small and Indie Literature Publishers

Do you think you want a Big Five publishing house, but are you sure? A lot of well known authors favour small and independent publishers because they are looking for a long-term relationship and more personalisation. Most of the small publishers below concentrate on literature, but there are also some for non-fiction and poems.

The Tiny Fox Press is managed by four authors/editors who you can meet on their About us page. You' re just looking for YA and grown-up fiction, and if you're looking for a book about chicks, romances, mysteries or thrillers, look elsewhere. You do not need a manuscript to be filed by an agents, but your FAQ mentions that it will help to have an agen.

Although 1-3 new writers per year seem to take only a small number, you can be sure that the work they release is of a higher standard than the amount. You are publishing both printed and e-books. Innamed Press is looking for something of everything. You take literature, memoirs, poems, maybe something else - just write us an inquiry note!

Each book comes out beautiful and readable with a creative editorial and artistic staff. The C & R is one of the few that can sometimes be missed in the free media world. At present, entries for full-length literature, poems, stories, memoirs or essays are possible.

The Tupelo Press book has been around long enough to earn a name for its corporeality (minimalist designs, unique papermaking quality) and the typeface it represents. You are also looking for a wide range of texts (fiction, poems, non-fiction) by new and well-known authors. Don't miss the annual competitions and accolades that offer a great opportunity to be recognized and publicized.

Tupelo Press entries are on a roll, but you can participate in their Million-Line Poem at any time! The L.A.-based Red Hen Press also edits the Los Angeles Review and supports alphabetization in school. Unauthorized entries are welcome, but they ask you to get to know their writers and writers before you decide whether or not they are a good match for your book.

The first 20-30 pages take less for you to check, but they also take full citations. So, even if you're not interested in publishing your own material, you still have the opportunity to contact them. Contrary to many other publishers on this shortlist who have no preferences, Autumn House Press is particularly interested in new and less well-known authors.

You are a publisher of poems, literature, non-fiction and anthology. As a rule, they only accepts any manuscript sent in without being requested for their yearly awards. For more information on how to submit your awards (or your Coal Hill Review), click here. Each autumn (how fitting!) Autumn House accepts scripts for all styles.

Established in 2005, Press 53 annually releases 5-6 volumes of Kurzspielbände and 8-10 volumes of poems. Bellevue Literature Press, like Red Hen Press, works with community schools and towns. Regularly they organise meetings where the general public can listen to and get to know their writers. Your entry rules state that you only disclose literature and narratives.

Submit complete literature and either a script or a suggestion for non-fiction and whatever your choice is, they will answer. The majority of publishers have a unique internal crest through the slurry stack and immediately reject 90% of notifications. Not like Big Lucks to you. Your ledgers are crotchety, genre-changing and pretty.

Submission is ongoing and you can still send in an enquiry to see if you are interested in what you have to provide. The Black Lawrence News has released some of my best buddies, and they are a very trustworthy little compactor. I' d particularly advise you to enter their competitions - they have several throughout the year and every competition has a good rep for the publication of good work.

You' re just a great media to work with in your typing careers. When it comes to their publications, they are fond of unusual modern literature, imaginative non-fiction and poems. He also publishes a large number of chap books and compilations of comics. Your autumn harvest begins in November, so please return to your submission page soon.

BOA Editions has since 1979 released more than 300 extraordinary works by US writers and writers, and BOA receives submissions for the seventh edition. In the meantime, you can send your American Reader Series transcripts. Well, Coffeehouse Press is winning prizes. They have won the American Book Award several time, were a National Book Award finisher and received the American Library Association Notable Book North.

A better understanding of the work they release and whether your script would suit their collections can be found in the Coffeehouse Press Case Catalog. The Curbside Splendor Press began in the 90s as a Punkrock group, but when that collapsed, they turned to publishers. Now they are looking for literature, non-fiction and poems that challenge the discipline and break certain cultural boundaries.

They have their own designers who design and format each book in additon to their editorial team. Unauthorized entries are sometimes open. The Dzanc Book is much more than just a small publishers. As well as the publication of literature Dzanc also edits The Collagist, provides internships, Dzanc provides writing sessions and operates the Dzanc Writers-in-Residence Program.

At the moment they are open to entries for their new Dzanc Books/Disquiet Open Borders Book Prize with their Disquiet in Portugal literature programme. The competition aims to encourage the development of literature that unifies the exchange and promotes a multifaceted literature debate. You often accept complete scripts. So in 2005, two boys agreed that they wanted to be able to release everything they liked, so they started Featherproof Literature to encourage weird, beautiful literature, non-fiction and all kinds of comedy.

They can find Featherproof magazines in shops and eBook formats on-line, but new ones are always published on their website first. Entries are continuous, so keep checking back to see when they accept new work. The biennial literature magazine Fence Magazine features a book publisher, Fence and Fence Theatre.

The Fence Book collection includes poems, literature and critiques and anthologies by authors who normally take part in one of Fence's competitions. Between 4-8 ledgers are published per year (5 as early as 2017). Please see the Submission page for more information on submitting and updating open call deadlines. The Forest Avenue Press wants to release irrefutable works.

Forest Avenue does not only present literature, but also small and untouched parts in the literature with the Main Street Providers Movement. New entries will be reopened in January, and their submission page states that unauthorized authors should keep looking for more information about the trial later. You are publishing a broad palette of texts with a focus on literature and try to promote new US and foreign talents together with your backlists of Langston Hughes, Charles Simic and others.

George Braziller, marketed by W.W. Norton & Co., is one of the bigger "small" publishers on this census. You do not take full-length scripts, but you do welcome request e-mails with a filing headline, a summary and a script with the exception. From Portland, we operate and search for literature and non-fiction.

In non-fiction, they look for hybrid works between essays, narratives and memoirs. They are proud of the great care they take in their work. Your over page will list exactly how your book will be created and hardcovered when you post with them, so it is evident that they are painstaking about the work they are.

Frahlingen employees can be questioned at any given moment, and sometimes even unasked entries are welcome. In 2001 Melville House began publishing a volume of poetry by sculptress Valerie Merian and belletrist Dennis Johnson entitled Poetry After 9/11, a book recorded after the Johnson book blob MobyLives.

As the book became a smash hit, the publisher Indian was the birth. Today, Melville is known for both its poetic and fictional works. They' have several genre-specific serials they run (e.g. the Melville International Crime Series), and they write articles of all kinds. You do not take unstressed entries for literature, but if you have a suggestion for a non-fiction book or script, you can submit a request by e-mail.

Unconventional Book was created with the aim of releasing beautiful and unexpectedly beautiful titles. They' re currently on book tour for two of their new publications. When you think that your book could be a good match for Ubridgeled, the contacts page says that you should e-mail a request to one of the publishers (but not both!).

Permanent Press has earned a good name since its foundation in 1978. Each title and author has received over 50 awards, among them the American Book Award. The books are published only as novels and almost entirely in printed form. Entries are open to The Permanent Press but will not be accepted by electronic means.

Please see the submission page for directions on how and where to send your printed version. The Akashic Books is for any author who has had enough of mother tongue contents, as well as main stream publications. Akashic was founded to provide an option, whether it's the job policies of big business publishers or just the vast number of impersonal authors trying to get their stories to the same place.

Though they currently do not accept printed entries, they accept the use of web content for their magazine. We are a highly select publisher interested in literature that is of relevance to current events around the globe. You only publish 1-2 novels per months because you want to be sure that your work is only the best of the best and there is no great need to catch up.

When they approve your script, they take charge of everything: editorial work, layout, promotional work, etc. You do not agree to unasked scripts, but if you have a frahling, you can contact him by e-mail. The Dalkey Archive Press is an internationally operating publishing house with branches in the UK, the USA and Ireland, and I am warning you: you are not docile.

It' s not sure if they are currently open for entries or not, but please look at their entries and/or send them an e-mail (contact[at]dalkeyarchive[dot]com) for more information. The Ig Publishing team is devoted to the representation of ignored literature experts and political-cultural non-fiction authors. A sub-category for everyone: literature, booklets, YA/Middle Grades, comic strips, news.

As with many independent publishers, even if they do not agree to unstressed scripts, authors can email suggestions to the editor-in-chief. The Influx Press wants to publicize histories from geographic areas and culture, in which opposition is researched in the mains. Most of the UK-located accounts are targeted at particular places and groups of persons.

Subscribe to their mailinglist to receive regular mailings when they are open for post. The Little Island Press is a British publishing house of literature, essay and poems. Have a look at their 2017 catalog to see if Little Island could go well with your book. The next harvest starts in October, so get your scripts done!

Feminist press is exactly what it sounded like. Established in 1970 under the second feminist movement, they want to publish works on females and those of mothers. You choose when you read a book about sexual identities and equal rights. Feminist Press produces 15-20 volumes per year. You do not approve of poems, dramas, theses, or literature reviews, but if you wish to enter literature, please comply with their on-line rules.

Besides the customary biology, synopses, and except, they also ask you a short promotional schedule for your book. Notice from Catapult, the major independent group. Away from a conventional retailer, Black Balloon actually looks exactly the opposite. You want to create a book that redefines what a book can be - hybride book, graphical novel, book that goes beyond the framework of shape and idea.

A great bonus: You have your own resourceful projectmanager, and each of your books is original and welcoming. Biannually they accepts unwanted scripts via Catapult's Submitable page.

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