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Art criticism architecture represents a new kind of art criticism that emphasizes its spatial qualities in order to set the places of art criticism. Jenn Rendell'Site-Writing' by Artangel from your desktop or mobile device. Show what happens when discussions about situation and location-specificity flow into art criticism. The Writing@CSU is the home of Colorado State University's Open Access learning environment, the Writing Studio. We help you to finish your writing project.

Site Writing: Architecture of Art Criticism | The Bartlett School of Architecture - UCL

Architecture of critique tries to execute the spacial quality of critique by highlighting the places of the critic's confrontation with the arts - physically, emotionally, politically, and conceptually - as well as those of the work' design, exhibit, and documentary, and those that the artists, critics, and other observers remember, dream, and imagine.

It is not a question of "applying" space conceptions to the psychoanalysis of certain works of artwork, but of adapting certain psychoanalytical working methods - free associations, conjunctural interpretations and constructions - to criti-cis. Site writing is configuring what happens when discussion of location and site-specificity spreads to the critique of the arts and the spacial quality of writing becomes as important for communicating significance as the contents of the critique.

It is a configurational processes that creates the places between critics, work and artists, as well as critics, text and readers, thus constructing an architectural critique of the arts.

Rendell Jane

Architecture of the critics represents a new kind of artistic critics, which works out their spacial quality in order to place the places where the critics deal with the arts in the foreground. If this kind of review is conducted as an independent praxis, the author argues that it calls into question the task that relates the reviewer to the work that is under review and instead puts forward alternatives.

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