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Third-party hosting providers and developers can create and add additional Site Publisher templates. Browse to Domains > Site Publisher menu: Note: The publisher of the cPanel website can easily create a temporary landing site that is useful during the creation of your main page. The Site Publisher interface allows you to quickly create a website even if you have never created a website before. Respond to web-based inquiries from publishers, partners, users and customers.

Website Publisher - Version 68 Manual

In the case a site is currently using a Site Publisher website, the site publisher port also displays the name of the site name. To open the domainname in a new webpage, click on it. To browse between the pages of different estates, click the page numbers in the upper-right of the section, or use the Find text field at the top of the dropdown menu to find a one.

If the system detects a filesystem or contingent failure during this procedure, the web browser will not store the web browser and the new Site Publisher Web site will not be published. This system will delete all Site Publisher backup that is older than 30-day. It will generate the new Site Publisher website and store it in the domain's documentation root. 3.

When one of the new Web site has collided with an already created one, the system will overwrite the old one with the new one. When the system finds an issue during this process, it will restore the initial content of the site from the back-up tarball and will not release the Site Publisher's new site.

Store this as a home filename, where is the Site Publisher site's destination location with dashes (-) instead of a slash ( /). Important: The config will store all the information for your Site Publisher website. It is strongly recommended that you do not change this document directly. When you select a pattern, it will determine the other documents that your site uses.

They may contain HTMLs, pictures or other kinds of data. You can find information on developing templates in our Guide to Site Publisher Templates section.

Things about Site Publisher and how to use it - Hosted

The Site Publisher function allows you to easily generate a website page. To use Site Publisher 1. Browse to Site Publisher menu: Choose a domainname from the available domainnames and subdomains: NOTICE: If only one domainname is hosting under the user name, it will be chosen by defaults and you will be asked to proceed to the next stage.

NOTICE: If you have chosen a site that already uses a Site Publisher Web site, the system selects the new one. Then click Customize and Publish and fill in the website information. Site-Publisher Menu: Site Publisher about me: BA-Publisher Menu: The Personal Site Publisher menu: NOTICE: Here you will find directions on how to obtain the Google Analytics tracker ID.

Then click Publish: HINT: If you find any mistakes during this procedure, please verify again that the information, e.g. the picture ID, is the same. And, if the amount of file in your file system is not overrun. If you already have some site file in your site's home folder, this alert appears at the bottom of the page:

When you click Publishing, the system saves the contents of this directory and saves it to cPanel. You will overwrite the homonymous data from the Site Publisher website. The following configurations are used by Site Publisher: PLEASE NOTE: If there was a filesystem related bug or quote bug during the Site Publisher install, the system will not back up and will not release the site.

This system will delete all Site Publisher backup that is older than 30-day. You' ll find the back up of the data in the folder /home/username/site_publisher/backups/ (username is your cPanel username): Configurator information is stored in the /home/username/site_publisher/configurations/ folder. Your config filename is Saves all Site Publisher setup and setting.

Instead, use Home > Domains > Site Publisher API. Site Publisher Removal You can delete Site Publisher images and substitute them with your own images using the File Manager or FTP. Be sure to delete only the Site Publisher config file instead of deleting the entire directory: Select the File > File Manager menu:

Browse to the Site Publisher folder (in our case public_html): 4. Select the folder you want to delete (the Site Publisher folder is: Folder for your Site Publisher asset and image, index.html, LICENSE.txt, sitemap.xml) and click Delete in the top menu:

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