Simple Story Ideas

Easy Story Ideas

Discover Delayne Ayers' Forum "Simple Stories ideas" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Diary, Daily and Bullet-Journal. Ideas for stories are in the most unlikely (and obvious) places. Ideas for stories come from all over. It is always difficult to develop a story.

An easy way to create ideas for new stories.

That happens to me sometimes when I want to begin a new story-tell. I' m trapped in this terrible place where authors sometimes go where they type a phrase, erase it, type another phrase, erase it and so on until they perish. When you say I'm going to finish it, you may or may not finish it.

When you say "I'm going to work on short story idea #3," you have a much better shot at writing a good 1000 words for short story idea #3 before you turn out the spot. So, what's short story idea number three? I' m going to take on myself and you authors out there if you want.

I call it the 10-day contest for 10 ideas. It' a really simple approach. Be there every single working night with a new ideas for the next ten workdays. You have to begin with the challenges of the ideas before you begin to type anything else. Choose appropriate soundtracks, close your eye and do nothing until you have a new story (or novel or whatever) notion.

If you have a reasonably good notion, please record a few phrases that describe it and store them in a single note. By the end of the ten day period, you will have a paper with ten new story ideas. Browse through them and choose the most interesting or funniest and then just have a seat and type the thing.

When you' re a real geek, you can even throw 1d10 to choose which story you want to work on. Consider the pool of ideas you would have after a year. Which other tips helped you to develop your own ideas for your work? Wings ePress has released his YA novel Holy Fudgesicles this year and has written over twenty shorts in various printed and on-line stores.

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