Simple Short Story Ideas

Easy short story ideas

Summarizing a novel into a short, tempting book text that encourages the reader to buy is not an easy task. You' re getting ideas when you' re asking yourself simple questions. Time' I started to create a list of short story ideas or plots or basic structures or prompts or whatever. It is astonishing how many permutations there can be of a simple idea. To come up with short stories is easy for some, but not so easy for others.

OWhat A Twist: 29 write requests

I always like a story with a little bit of a shocking value. I sometimes emotion a multitude of alarm measure. Altogether, here are some requests to give your letter a kick. Take your story wherever you want and think outside the box. It' s up to you.

You' ll get an unconditional message to come to the dock at 9:00. That night, when you reach the jetty, you will find a photo of your best buddy in your room. You' ve been anticipated the yearly floral exhibition for month to see your grandmother's precious rose.

As you reach the floral exhibition, there is a gashing gap in the side of the house, floral trampling and the precious rose of your grandma has been theft. You' re winning a competition to be the wizard of one of the biggest celebrities in the film. As you get to the screen of the new film, you'll be made to know that the film' superstar is absent and everyone blames you.

As you and your boyfriend arrives, you recognize that the individual you meet is an identically matched Gemini. If one arrives at the event location, one notices that it is a Sexseminar. You' ll meet your best buddy at the airfield, whom you haven't seen in a few years. You' re visiting a grocery to buy a pup for your 12-year-old girl.

You have been talking to an'online friend' for several month. Clean your parents' loft, find a shoe box full of post cards by someone X.H. to your mom who signs on the date of your childbirth until your 18 th year. They fell in Love with this character who has become invisible through the words that have been sung.

There is a journalist at the paper you are subscribing to who is writing a story about your best buddy behind a multi-million dollars jewellery theft, and you were mentioned as a possible accessory. When trying on some clothes in a shop, the light goes out. I' m sure you realise the place is shut down and you're staying in.

Enjoy turning these prompt's into tales of shocking value.

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