Simple Short Story Examples

Some simple examples of short stories

Here are some works of literature that fall into the category of short story: Readers don't care how they got there, so you can just write: The easiest to remember short stories with very few characters, a simple setting and theme. These are some examples of short stories -. That's still true when you tell a story.

Examples of short stories for children

Our adventuresome saurian suddenly heared of a magical swimming pool on the top of Rockopolis Mountains. He put on a pair of walking boots, packed a rucksack and a sandwich and headed for the summit of Rockopolis Hill. Climbing all morning, he could see the top of the hill.

It was then that he found out why it was Rockopolis Mountains. He began to rock and roll, to push and tremble, and he almost rocked our little igneous body away from the hills. Lila grabs a pole and holds on to it. Then, as quickly as it began, the trembling ceased. It was his intention to get to the top before the shake began.

A few more footsteps and eventually he arrived at the swimming pools and took a big sip of magical mud. So, he made his way down the hill and sang a cheerful melody while dreaming of his next move to rock star. Customize the storyline and include a detail of your characters.

There was a large, bright lush garden saurian standing and adoring its gleaming shape in the stern. By the time Lisard (he spoke Liz-argh, like a pirate) opened his lips, the noises that came out had crowds crying out for him to stop. Lizarggh heard some rocker talk about a cave at the top of Rockopolis Mountain one night as he rummaged through the CD's in the recordshop.

According to tradition, anyone who is drinking from the cave's murky swimming pools is immediately given a sound as soft and profound as its water. Then he tied his fighting boot, put a powerful bolt into his pocket and began to climb. Lizzargh took off with a buzz of new vigour and jumped over cliffs until they had the feeling that they were shook off under the crash of his legs.

No! He realised Rockopolis Mountains really rocked! There was an eartquake that rocked. Eventually the blades ceased to tremble, the soil set down, and Lizzargh lowers a toes, softly bumping the rocks beneath him to test rigidity. Don't swing. Do not roll. Smoothering his calfskin coat, he shaken his dark hairdle back into a classy mess and jumped up the hill like a pride of motorcycle iguanas were after him.

However, push it onto the swing ing and curling of this hill, Lizzargh was too strong to restrain himself. He could be the rock star he was conceived for at last.

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