Simple Autobiography example

A simple example of autobiography

We' ll write an individual essay pattern on My Autobiography especially for you; if you're writing a story about your life, it's best to keep it simple and uncomplicated. A clear definition and great examples of autobiography. Autobiography is a self-written life story. It is not only useful to know what you need to include in an author's biography, it is also useful to see examples of what your important information should look like.

Let's look at an example of writing trips in detail.

a simple girl: ..........My autobiography.......

We' ve been living in Daan Sarile, Cabanatuan City since I'm 10 years old because we really were living in Sto Domingo Nueve Ecija, because before we got nothing lasting home costs of the shortage of money and were getting into other home and here in Cabanatuan City is the long stay time frame and its constant now because its own accommodations are.

I have a 17 year old and a 9 year old half-sister in my father's side in my extended education, my younger one is now the Q4.

Mine is Eduardo Ramirez Villafuerte and my mum is Margie Camcam Villafuerte, and my dad is a table manager is STL and my mom is a housekeeper in Baguio City together my younger bro. When I am 2 years old, both decide to split and the reasons why I don't know, and they have two brothers and sisters, I am the one and my younger brothers, when they split up completely, I am with my dad and my dad is in my mother's side,

I can' t even sense his presence when I'm with my dad, because he has a home of his own, so so far my dad only cares for me and I don't really know how much he loves me, but at least he supports my costs for my studies and also for all my needs and that's important for him.

My mom, I never recall her face not until when I'm second year high scholastic because its committed to meeting her, that epoch o was so lucky because at least I knew her face and very lucky to remain with my mom even a brief while. Being with a shattered familiy was so tragic and offensive for me and also for those who are experiencing it because of the poverty of your parents, because they work for their own families, but when they pay enough heed to it, it is not enough for me to feel'ok'.

That also happens to me, it is not the end for me, because there are some folks who gave me their loved ones and felt satisfied without my parents, and it is my grandma and my grandpa who have been supporting me since I was 2 years old and until now they still do.

However, sometimes, when I have free moments, I cannot get away to think of my own situations, that I have nothing parental next to me to lead me, to assist me and to form myself, to have a good personality, but sadly to say that it does not occur because they are not there for me.

I wish I could have the chance to bind my brothers and sisters because they both make mistakes, sacrificing them. I also like to read and it is my hobby when I was getting tired of our home. Cause I actually do and it has been since I went to elementary and he' s my neighbour, because if we choose to move here in Cabanatuan City and go away, I'll see him one of these days, and this is when I like him,

He is 3 years older than me and of course it's just a lover of puppies because I'm only 12 years old, but when I shoot in high schools my feelings flourish and I think he also like me because he always says hello to me and of course I was lucky because someone treats me like that,

then we both came up with the possibility of both having spelled celfon number, then we got sms and I think I already loved him at that point and we have got plenty of free speaking about our emotions and he said that he also loved me and he said that is because I am third high school and we also are sharing both history in our lives and we both have almost the same history in our lives and it is a fractured backdrop we have.

However, all this happens to us and we are sharing together that we are a friends who will have reciprocal comprehension, I choose to frustrate him, to become his girl-mate, for the sake of my own purpose, and that is not to have a schoolmate. Now I have realized that this was a big mistake that I am making, because after 7 months the communications have vanished and I have been told that my heart is killing someone by an intruder.

Now he' s dead since March, his sorrowful feelings for me, and I think if what will come to pass if I say "yes" for him. There is a sense of remorse on my side and also most of all for his wife and daughter, because he is a good fellow and accountable, so that everyone thinks why gave him this kind of cruelty.

Until now there are no connections about his deaths and no one can say and see if what really happens at this point, he kills, until now they can give no righteousness for him. I have a lecture that if you like someone, you have to face them and say how much your sense of your passion is and if there is an occasion, you have to take it, whatever it is, because the occasion comes only once in our lives and the only thing you can do is to take it quickly.

From 2003-2004 I attended the primary school in S.Y. in Daan Sarile Primary School, but I only attend classes 5 and Vl in Daan Sarile, because I have changed classes 1 to IV in Sto Domingo, Nueve Ecija and when I turn class 5, we moved to Cabanatuan City during this school year.

If I am in primary school, I have many events I plan on like runners contest and volley-ball fight, but sorry to say we id not the trophies, but at least enjoyed that instant, and if degree Vl I have experienced to be one of the leaders of the dancing group in terms of bodily fit and its so jittery that you are in the front of your classmates and it surrounded folks to see your game.

When I graduate primary and go to high schools, I'm so excited and excited because I have a lot of things in my head when I can't survive in junior high. My grandparent can't enrol me when enrolment starts because of lack of funds, but a year later I stop enrolling in Nueva Ecija High High School.

I have been graduating in Nueve Ecija High School S.Y from 2007-2008, and when I am high school at that period, I have so many remembrances that I can not remember, and I have many people that I have become good acquaintances at that period, but I also have a someone that I can not vibrate and they the same to me, but apart from that his purely good recollections can part.

Thankfully, if we have a JP of in the third year and you see the beating and its notable because I have the occasion to my crushing in this period and its so lucky emotion to be dancing when your crushing you and also in me dancing Four Year. When we finished our studies, this happened to me because I had finished high-school and I got my parents' approval.

Now I' m a graduate and I' m taking HRM or (Hotel and Restaurant Management), but before my ambitions become a businesswoman, I can help my wife and daughter flourish there, but that didn't come about because I chose HRM and that's because I make sure it's the right course for me, because it has so much to do with our everyday lives.

I have so many experiences as an enrolled college graduate that so marvelous and for the first and because I am in the realm of hrms there is so much exposition that can pass, and that is when I first year we went to Boracay, the Philippines holiday resort, just because a seminary to go and also to research that times were so enjoyed and lucky, and we visited the different hotels to see the differences rooms and it was a good more well-informed.

There is more and there is an expertise in different caterer, a motel and also in restaurants and when I have an obligation in the caterer I have the chance to see the artists and distinction figure and a well-known figure like policy, and that I have more learning how to beautifully handle a visitor and different skills about in motel and dining that we attend and see the distinction call, height, function and price we have also leant.

This is my AUTOBIOGRAPHY, the hopes will appreciate my efforts.......

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