Simon Sinek Ted Start with why

Simón Sinek Ted start with why

The majority of managers and companies start from the outside in. The TED Talk is based on START WITH WHY - the third most popular TED video of all time. TED related talk: How to start a movement.

3 Impressions from Simon Sinek's TED Talk'Start With Why'.

Any company can say what it does. Though most people can "do as they do", few companies know "why" they do, says Sinek. Wonder why your company is there and why someone should take charge of it. Sinek says if Apple were like everyone else, the following advertising campaign could be expected:

Rather, Apple is encouraging you to buy into their visions, not into their products. "The aim is to be a salesman to those who believe what you do," says Sinek. Same goes for the folks you take on. Recruit individuals who stay with you and believe in your corporate image. They do not want men who can only work for a living, they want men who can give them their own lifeblood, their own perspiration and their own crying. This increases their chances of commercial succeed.

He will speak at the'Start with Why' Leadership Forum in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland in March 2017.

Begin with Why - Simon Sinek - Ted Talks

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