Should you be a Writer

If you are a writer

When your answer is: "I could live without writing", don't pursue a written career. Now, let's just say they should have e-mailed first. That sentence makes sense, you must have it. Like writing's not a real job. Be a blogger, a playwright, a writer, a freelancer, a screenwriter, you can write about any topic in any format, the list goes on and on.

Should/Should You Really Be A Writer?

On the contrary, authors want more history, more literature and more artists (and here I want to point you in the right directions for Neil Gaiman's Make Good Arts work. To be a writer is to not have much and to tell a story.

I' m a writer for the record. To be a writer because you want a life style, a degree or a common acclaim will not make you smile. In my opinion, writers should be fairly remunerated. I' m not saying you're welcome to hand out your work for free. As an aside - this is different from the "I am typing because I have to!

I' m a writer because I can't help it". I have always found this to be a little cuddly. I support it because you like it instead of just because you like what it does]. To want to be an writer because they inspire you to create your own story, and because you think that others should be reading what you create is a particular, brillant mystic.

Authors can't be there for the cash, so they have to be there at the end of the working days to write. After all, the web is the great leveller, but if only those who can provide for themselves can make their own living with the arts, then we are doing a horrible iniquity to our own societies and to those who perhaps have the most passionate creations of all - the repressed and the undermined.

Authors of the word, keep your pencils - and have fun doing it.

You should never have regrets about being a writer.

It' like typing isn't a proper work. Like I made the dumbest decision to waste my free fucking years. It' enticing, don't get me all wrong. However, if I decide to work in a business that needs my full concentration, I wouldn't have enough free space (and would ultimately loose my ability) to do the things I want to do that I want to do.

I' d be sorry I made that choice for the remainder of my whole lives. Here's the awesome thing about typing. It was 1.5 years ago that I began working in the medium. Since then I have increased from 0 to 18k+ trailers. I' d been invited by the dozen to contribute to different pages. I' ve even got an offer from an editor to re-publish my contributions.

It wasn't just these kickbacks that made me become a full-time author. It made me a force in these subjects: self-improvement, experience of working long hours and scribbling-. There are not many around me who realize how mighty authors are, especially when they are not passionate about their work.

However, once you have become a writer and put all your energy into it, you become inexorable. It'? And it is really something I' m willing to dedicate my life and my work to. I am Tiffany Sun, and I am writing on

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