Should I Write a novel

Want me to write a novel?

I just got a book deal for another one. In November DOUBLE DEAD comes out. It' a good life advice, but in order not to write your novel, you have to ignore it. In other words, all your characters should be facets of yourself. What did he imagine taking notes on a draft he hadn't even read?

1. A challenge

You know (or you are about to find out) that it is difficult to write a novel - and there is no assurance that the work will be a hit. Damn, why even bother to write a novel? It is not that the good old-fashioned money that an internationally bestselling novel would provide is not valued - there must only be simpler ways to earn a dollar than to write it fictitious.

Is one of these things the motivating power behind me when I write fiction? These are not the advantages of the letter I am looking for. All these things are bonuses that you will only get after the publication of your novel. You' re facing month (and probably years) of tough work before this can occur - without any guarantees of that.

No. If glory and wealth and all the remainder were the only reason to write, none of us would hold on for more than five inches. It'?s hard to write a novel, not simple. As a result, revenge is more than just a finished fictional work - you also get an unbelievable sensation of performance and self-confidence.

These things are not only experienced at the end of the story, when you have finished your novel, but with every move you make. The same humming I often hear when I write - for example when I end a particularly tricky sequence or find a smart Plot-Twist.

Like you will find in the section about creating a character, there should be a part of you in all your fictitious charac-ter. In other words, all your character should be you. For example, if you write a novel about a killer, you have to go back to the part of yourself that would be able to take a living under the worst of conditions (and that is in all of us).

Creativity is actually just a glamorous daydream. By creating fictitious personalities and putting them in fictitious positions, we can act in any way we can. But the downside is, we get more roguish when we write fiction.

In simple terms, when we write a novel, it allows us to build our own personality and then take responsibility in that univers. For us, we write fiction. We' re all trying to find out what it means to live in this fun old fashioned life and what it needs to get along with it.

When you give this anxiety to the protagonist of your novel and put her to the test of anxiety, I assure you that the trial will help and heal you - not least when you find a way the protagonist can get over or at least get over her anxiety.

Do not make your characters appear in this section either and see if you can find a way in the course of the novel's letter that they could be changing and more successfully to find and keep it. Many novels are written on an unconscious plane anyway.

If so, in the course of naturally composing your novel, you can't help but solve your issues. It is not only a truly catartic adventure to write a novel. Pagina > Keys to Success > Why write a novel?

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