Should I become a Writer

Do you want me to be a writer?

This is the best time in the history of mankind to become a writer. No permission to create and publish is required. No publisher is needed to tell you whether you're a good writer or not. Have I got what it takes? For most people it will be something else - maybe something better for them.

Use this quiz to see if you should be a writer.

Which is the minimum wage you would be prepared to make? Are you supposed to be a writer? They do not have most of the skills that authors need on the basis of your responses to the Q&A. It is also possible that your pay is a little low and you may not be willing to meet the education needs for this careers.

They have to have fun and be able to write well. Inquisitiveness, creativeness and self-motivation are decisive characteristics for authors. They must have outstanding research capabilities and be good at interviews on topics. You' d like to write as much as you can about it. In order to become a writer, you will most likely need a Bachelor's in English, literacy or reporting, although some companies can employ you without one.

Authors deserve an average $60,250 a year, which is slightly lower than some would like. Are you supposed to be a writer? They have some, but not nearly enough, of the quality that authors need. They should be good at it and have fun communicating through the writing. Outstanding research capabilities are a must, as are powerful interview and listening-abilities.

It' going to be difficult to be a good writer if you don' t like reading. Bachelor's degrees in English, literature or reporting will help you find a career as a writer. Authors' average salaries are only $60,250 a year, slightly less than what others with the same educational background make.

Are you supposed to be a writer? They have most of the traits that authors need, but not all of them. They can try to gain some of these gentle arts. But if you like to write but can't always say it well, keep practising. Authors need outstanding research, interview and hearing comprehension abilities and must be inquisitive and self-minded.

So if you don't like to read, it will be difficult to be a good writer, so try to make a passion for this diversion. Bachelor's degrees in English, literature or journalists are highly recommendable. A lot of companies only become authors with a university qualification. The average yearly salary is only $60,250. But before you take your next step, you' ll know more about being a writer.

Are you supposed to be a writer? You' made an outstanding decision. Their responses show that you have all or almost all the traits that authors need. They should also have fun to read. Authors must also be imaginative, inquisitive and self-minded. You need to be a good listener and have good research and interviewer capabilities.

A lot of companies choose to recruit applicants who have a Bachelor's degree in English, literacy or media. If you want to be more competetive, you should try to deserve one. The average author's average yearly income is only $60,250, which is slightly lower than some would like.

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