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Brief writing ideas

Brown Paper Bag Creative Writing Exercise. When time is short and motivation is waning, writing bursts is a good way to get going. [ read a short, very funny version of it here]. So how do you write a great short story? It encourages students to see writing as fun and helps them develop creativity and self-confidence.

Launching a Idea Pool

And in April I agreed to have a calm writing week-end in the forest. In love with history, the notion of a cerebral expansion that would make us part AI has not left me. But I couldn't end the tale on the platoon, it was comprehensive, but unbelievable. When I had gotten into the hut, I read it through. Ideas buzzed.

I' ve put an image on a Notes application on my iPhone about a dystopic vision in which we human beings have become part of the AI and lose contact with our people. I also began to write my second short film. When I was in my hut at dormitory at night, I hadn' t yet abandoned the notion that people are linked to the AI.

At the end of this week-end I was totally devoured by this second one. I' ve put the writing of the novel on ice to concentrate on this short film. While I was closing Sapien Zoo, the next plot came up. Of course I wanted to get started, but first I had to get Sapien Zoo ready.

In mid-May I went through my idea schedule for my next short film. Many ideas, but I couldn't choose one because I wanted to begin writing about them. There are six more tales I could write about sin other than avarice alone (my first tale "The Money Tree" is about avarice)!

That'?s when I began to take my history seriously. Since I wrote the Money Tree, the concept of starting a website where I post a short novel every months has become more real. In the ideal case I wanted to release my first report in mid-September. Before the start I wanted to write 5-6 tales.

So I had a pile of tales and don't have to be worried if I couldn't end a tale every single months or if I was working or doing something else. It also gave me some free and easy access to find out how to create a website, how to study and write and (self-)publish and how to market my later work.

So for now, we'll concentrate on the list of your storyline ideas. This could be for short novels like I did, but it's also necessary to organize your ideas for a novel, non-fiction, blog, everything else. I' ve got a memo in my Notes application where I enter all the ideas I have.

It can be specific ideas for stories, schedules of topics I want to cover, moral concepts, dialogues or phrases that come to my head. I have the following layout in this list: Best ideas: In the upper part are the most important ideas, about things I've learnt to do in relation to writing/editing/and ideas about the history I'm working on.

The next part contains ideas that inspire me most or spell out storylines for an coming film. And then the phrases or dialogues come to my head, they don't necessarily relate to a particular history or theme, but I always go through them when I begin a new history to see if something fits.

Now the most thrilling part comes, a listing of history ideas, with parts of plots, letters, morals and other ideas (my listing would include 4+ years of histories, provided I release one each month). Normally, when I put these ideas down, I get a storyline name. Here comes a smaller number of topics I want to talk about, but without specific ideas for storytelling.

Last part is devoted to technical details about my website, ideas to develop and extend and marketing. I' m adding to this itinerary almost every day. Every time I am reading something, I see a movie, a TV show, TED conversation, documentaries, ideas appear again and again. Particularly when I'm writing a tale on a specific topic.

From time to time I edit ideas from my Notes application into various EvernoteĀ folders. There' s one dossier for the market ideas, one dossier per months, one dossier to summarise what I'm learning about writing and posting, targets for the website and one that I use as a backup of the Notes-document.

Since it syncs more quickly and better on all your (Apple) mobile phones, I choose the Notes application over Evernote. So the Notes application is for fast ideas and saving, and Evernote for organizing everything I wrote in the Notes for. For more information, I suggest the website or the Daily Rituals brochure.

I have the advantage of the Notes application and Evernote everywhere with me. Usually when I begin a storyline, I copy all the ideas I've collected from Notes and Evernote into a Microsoft Office document and then I do it. So let's begin drawing up a list of your ideas.

You' ll soon get ideas of everything. Then, when you lay down at sunset and look back over the rest of the evening, you will deprive yourself of sleeping by getting your mobile back to writing down an action for a storyline you're working on or a passage with nice-sounding phrases.

Because I like listings so much, I have of course drawn up a monthly schedule so that I can meet the date for the release of my first storyline in September. Publish a history every months. Marketiing-Ideen: Who reads my tales when I go out? Monetising ideas for the future: The vision is to write for me and become a full-time author.

Their first ideas to monetise on my letter is through a PayPal donation key, Amazon affiliate linking, the publication of e-books and the sale of artworks of illustration along with Jonat. Most of these ideas, however, have yet to be implemented. Each year I resolved to release three books with my narratives and concluded with a full annual review.

I' ve done a great deal of research on short novel competitions. Demands differ, sometimes it is local, or you must be of a certain national origin, some have wording boundaries, some demand that you have not posted your tales on line. Since we have been working on the collection and structure of your writing ideas and even on the design of your website, let us examine another topic: the definition of your writing objectives.

Realize your writing objectives and adapt them to your life style and your job. Which are your best hints and upsides to structure your writing ideas and set your writing targets?

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